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Monday, September 20, 2010


It seems that I have been neglecting my blog .... Lotsa stuff been going on .... been taking lotsa pictures and will get it all out here very soon

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cats Love Horses Too

ButterBean here - I dont usually do this but this Horse Rescue is local to us and a friend e-mailed this to me. With no better way to know how to get it out there I have gone to the blog .... if you can help them I know they will appreciate it.

State of the Rescue: Almost every day someone will ask me how things are going at the rescue. Well folks it's not going good. Right now it's REALLY BAD. The number of unwanted horses keeps going up right along with the bills to take care of them, and no funds are coming in. We have maxed out the number of horses we can care for right along with every rescue credit card and personal credit cards so that we can care for these horses in need. We can't do it anymore without some help. At this point all I can do is Plead to each of you for HELP. If you are a family with a horse in your life you know how costly it can get. Multiply that one horse by 25. We don't ask for these horses, we don't go to auctions and buy them. They are sent to us mostly because somewhere along the line someone has turned their back on them and left them to die.

The Financial numbers are depressing and scary so far for 2010 RVHR has received $58,594.00 in donations and spent $74,829.22 to care for them. As of today 9/12/2010 we need to come up with $16,235.22 just to zero out the past due amounts.

Can you help with just a $5.00 donation? We're not asking for hundreds or even thousands of dollars we're just asking for $5.00 bucks.

Here is our link to GiveDirect if you would like to make a online donation.http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=matavecab&et=1103681454102&s=1798&e=001vNruhqADt9XF26ej0aNQBer6bIgvUULz7p7YyJeKb5P2syXaiNhIt8V8kahQ1l2WWx2KxAYYlSsG7njNdrNijiIReSOYsRL9yDSVxBL-SGzGbehx46OFp1W1OPQs-Efp9qlzG8aE_p2U0azQDZCKbLH79qs18SU1

Patricia L. Muncy
President RVHR

Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue
Mailing Address P.O. Box 13
Hardy, VA 24101

1725 Edwardsville Road
Hardy, Virginia 24101
Phone and Fax: 540-721-1910

New Text Message Service:
you can now text and send photos to us at

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


As you are aware we stayed at Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica for our Honeymoon! Jamaica is really a nice place. The food we ate was sooo wonderful! I wish now that I had taken pictures of our meals as they were beautifully served and tasted great!

Lets talk about the water. It was beautiful and warm. Warmer than my bath water. You could walk out in the water for a long it and it just come up to your belly button. They had it roped off so you couldent go far because of the coral. The coral comes up really high and breaks the water. The water is more like lake as there are not any waves. Unless its out where the coral comes up above the water line.

There are mountains. In fact it kinda looked like home but with ocean.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The View

This was the view from our little Patio out the Sliding Glass Doors

Friday, September 3, 2010

Our Room

We stayed in the French Village in room 3204



Bed Post and tv stand

Sliding Glass Doors and Sofa

Champaign on the last  night - we didnt drink it

Thursday, September 2, 2010

HoneyMoon Anyone?

So we will have to do things a little backward as I have puctures of Jamaica but do not have the wedding pictures back yet. SO for now we will travel to Jamaica Mon and see some sights and pretty things.

We stayed at Sandals Whitehouse

So lets begin with the fact that Shon hates to fly. Flaming ball of doom are his words exactly. We left from Roanoke VA to Charoltte NC to Montego Bay Jamaica - the flights were good ... took off and landed well everytime. No problem!

Get to Jamaica - retrieve our bags and are warmly welcomed our passports stamped! We waited in a cozy little place with multiple chairs, couches and drink fountain - ah beer fountain as well. However all they serve in Jamaice is Red Stripe beer as it is brewed there.

We get in a van/bus thing ... and off we go an hour and a half drive on the most horrid road ever with pot holes larger than the car we arrive ... Pay no attention to the dates we arrived on Saturday August 22 and left on Friday August 27.