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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Around the House

Moosie being bad
Scooter Helping ...

Boo keeping watch

Bean and Tiny on the table

Mama Helping

Melon napping

Meep missing :(

Monday, October 18, 2010

Still no sign

Meep has still not made it home. Its been 2 weeks today. Every evening when I get home I yell for her like always and look to the barn in hopes she will come bounding out. I still have hope that she will come home but the thoughts that I keep trying to push further and further back in my mind are that she wont. That makes me sad. I still have 9 others that need love and foods and play time. They curl up with me on the sofa. My sofa that I have move to in front of the bay window so that I can keep an eye out for her - just in case.

In other news - Tiny was neutered on the 7th and is doing well. He is still about half the size he is suppose to be but is adorable.
I am zoomed in really far

Playing on the new floor

Shon was gone to California the week of the 4th from Sunday to Sunday of course all the things happened that week ... Meep went missing, was my birthday, Tiny was neutered and while he was gone I had the Kitchen and living room floor replaced. It was NUTS at my house. While things were crazy I was also off and able to look for Meep and now my floor looks great!

Of course I need a new blind in the window and new sofas but the floor - wow!

What a good little boy

I do have wedding pictures - I will work on getting some posted 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Meep still Missing

The following has been done:
Looking, yelling and calling - daily and at different times
Fliers have been taped to all neighbors doors in a mile radius
Fliers have been stapled to stop signs
She has been listed on Tabbyfinder
She has been listed on our County missing list
She has been listed on neighboring county missing lists
The Humane Society has been notified
Our vets office has been notified

Where we live - we live in a rural area. My house sits on 18 acres with my closest neighbor being my mom and dad. The other closest neighbors house sits on about 20 acres. We at least 1/2 a mile from a busy road. We do have trees lots of them and open fields. Meep weighed about 7 pounds - from what I have read she would have been too heavy for a Hawlk to have carried off and really too heavy for an Owl as well. We hear coyotees but have never seen one near the house and typically they dont come out and hunt in day light - with that said of the cats that are outside she would be the fasest and is quite skilled in tree climbing.

She is very friendly but someone would have to know where we live for them to come up and get her. I hope she has just wondered off while chasing a butterfly and gotten lost. Maybe some old lady took her in to feed her and shes liking it on the sofa. I dont know. All I do know is I miss my little red kitty on my bed at night. I miss her laying on me on the blanket "nursing" the blankie. I miss her and Tiny playing in the floor and her holding him down until he cries. He looks for her. WaterMelon looks for her. Man if cats could talk ...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Meepie is Missing

Meep went out like she always does last Monday morning the 4th and she has not come home. Momy took off half of Tuesday (her birfiday) Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to look for Meep with no luck. She looked all weekend too, and Monday was a holiday ... so Momy looked for 7 days and no Meep ... we miss her lots!!!

Come home soon Meep!