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Sunday, March 30, 2014


All is well ... Oscar went out Friday evening about 5 and was back around 10. He spent most of Saturday outside and currently this morning is stretched out on the kitchen table watching the girls run and play. Smokey is curled up on the sofa napping, I had to give him an allergy pill last night, his poor little eyes just run and goo. Bean is on a top pillow on the sofa sleeping. Scooter and Boo are each in a basket napping. Lucky is in the recliner. Stripey is in a cat bed in the bay window, Shadow is snuggled beside me and Brooke and Piper are running and playing up and down the hall.
If I had to guess I would say Moose is under the covers with Shon in bed, Tiny is in the back bedroom in his cat bed in the window and Eye is on the bed. While Princess and Spike are out in the sunroom where it is currently not sunny but very windy and snowing of all things.
Hope you all have a great Sunday - our plans are simple - out for lunch later and go by the store and then home for an afternoon nap.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Before Surgery Above
 After Surgery Below

this has got to be one of the sweetest kitties - I will never understand why people just throw them away - he bothers no one, and no one bothers him
He has the sweetest meow
He was so stinky and dirty last night that I wiped him off with baby wipes and he didn't care, I brushed him some too
He has no asked to go outside, I am no crating him as he is so good with the others already

Monday, March 24, 2014


I called the vet at 730 this morning when they opened and Oscar got to go right on over to be taken care of today. He got there about 8 and stunk up my car on the way. However they thought he was beautiful! He is bones, dehydrated but a big boy sadly he only weighed 9.10 pounds and his sugar was high but the vet thought it was from all the excitement of the last few days and being at the vets. But it was high enough that she wants to check it again in 3 weeks when he gets a booster shot.

Hes a big talker .. but hes ok .. he had a snack and stretched out in the back bedroom on a cat bed in a chair. None of the others really seem to be paying him any mind and he could care less about them.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Smarty Pants

Oscar let himself in .. and has spent most of the day laying on the bed in the extra bedroom sleeping ... no one has really paid him any mind at all .. he has used the box and gotten a little snack several times and gone right back to bed .. sweet boy

Easy Sunday ... or .. no

Oscar was good in the crate .. .he is out in the sunroom now and he is a crybaby ... but smart O My Goodness ... he has figured out he can stick his paw under the door and pull and it will open - he hasn't figured out how to move fast enough to get into the house yet .. however he is Super friendly and very sweet so if he did get in .. well not a big deal I am just trying to keep him from the others until he can get to the vet and get shots etc. He has not bothered Princess however she is bothered by him being out there ...

so the plan ... get him neutered ... shots ... and whatever else he needs ... keep him in for the rest of the week, weather here is suppose to be nasty so he will be warm and safe, feed him well and after his so many days in prison he can go back out .. I wont make him stay in any longer than needed, I would love for him to stay around because he is just beautiful and so very sweet but I wont make him

Hope you all are having a lovely Sunday ... its cloudy and raining here in SWVA and cold . quite a change from yesterdays 65 and sunny

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Oscar just walked up on the porch ... he is all bones under a ton of fur ... starving .. I have him out in the sun room and the dog crate ready for the night .. .going to send the vet a message to see if he can come in Monday ... he has several puncture wounds and a very swollen arm that is hot .. I have some meds to give him ... suppose to be bad rain here tomorrow so he will be in ... warm and safe

Monday, March 17, 2014


Still no Oscar .... Im kicking  myself for not keeping him in .. however it would have been a long 5 day s if I had ... I just hope hes ok ...

Saturday, March 15, 2014

No Oscar

Havent seen him since Friday morning ...

Friday, March 14, 2014


Shon says spelling Oskar with a k is silly so I guess it will be Oscar ... So .. Mr. Oscar was not on the porch when I left for work this morning but came to the house soon afterward and Shon fed him breakfast ... Melon, Spike and Smokey were all out too .. This evening I have not seen him yet but Im fairly he will come.
Its suppose to be nice tomorrow so I will get everything set up for his surgery on Tuesday. Sunday is suppose to be fairly crappy with 100% rain and cold and possible snow sunday night and Monday so he will be coming in and spending Sunday night, Monday and Monday night in the crate - I doubt he will like it but I think it will be better for him. He has to be at the vets office Tuesday at 730.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Visitor = Oskar

He has a name ... Oskar .. he was not here when I got home for work .. I wonder where  he goes ..

This Morning

This morning at about 530 WaterMelon the guard cat yowled the warning signal of an introoder ... Shon who had fallen asleep in the recliner while playing video games got up and saw our Visitor friend on the porch. He promptly went out and brought the kitty in and put him in the bathroom where he proceeding to have an all out FIT ... I got up and have been sitting in the bathroom with him. In the almost 2 hours I have cut about all the matts out, removed 4 ticks that had been there a while, brushed him, petted him and generally helped him be calm.
He has obviously been in a house before as he is just laying here in the floor resting. He was a good patient and let me pretty much do whatever I wanted to him. He has not purred for me yet and he wont lay in my lap but is very happy to lay up against my leg to have me touch him in some way.
His vet appointment isn't until Tuesday so he will be going back outside today. But I feel like he will return closer to his appointment time and at that point I will keep him in.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Will he come ..

Its SUPER windy here and the temperature is suppose to drop to below 20 tonight and only get up to 30 tomorrow ... so if he comes tonight I may bring him in for the night  ... will let you know if he shows

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

No Visitor ...

He did not show up tonight ... his appointment is for next Tuesday .. guess its a good thing its not tomorrow ... :( sad ...

Visitor Kitty

Three nights in a row he has come to visit - last night he ate the most and showed me his belly. I think he is young ... but he is large ... his fur is very matted and he has burrs in it. I will be calling the vet today for an appointment for a neuter and to get the matts shaved and shots.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Been A While

I like the saying that no news is good news ... nothing major to report ... we have had really cold days and snow .. really cold cold days and snow .. the last few days have been nice. Everyone is doing well. Mr. Eye had to go to the vet 2 weeks ago and have 12 teeth pulled, he like Boo has stomatitis (I think Im spelling that correctly) He seems better now. We are having nice days and with the time change its daylight until after 7 now. Makes it nice to pick up sticks and everyone knows I love to do that.
We got a new sofa and chair .. downsized as no people really come to our house so why all the big bulky stuff. Shon had a recliner and now I have a chair with an ottoman and we got a smaller sofa - where we did have the recliner, love seat the size of a sofa and a huge sofa. The cats seem to like the new stuff and I got some waterproof covers. It seems when Smokey has an episode he pees a little and Bean and Moose seem to both have a little leak when they nap.

We have seen several un-known kitties around.  The first we lovingly called Mr. Grey, he is the same steal grey color as Smokey but cant get close to him and I cant get a good indication of his rounds. I haven't seen him at my house but 3 times in 2 months, mom sees him at her house some, my sister sees him at hers some but we have no pattern. Another kitty has been to my house 3 times, he is grey and white and looks well cared for. I have not seen him for 2 weeks now. A very pretty Gold and Black Torite with long hair has been at my sisters for the last week. She eats but wont let them get close. I have seen her once at my sisters house. The past 2 nights a Silver and Black kitty has come to visit me .. he is beautiful, very friendly and talkative. He is a BIG boy, but I would guess less than a year old. I am hoping he comes back tonight and I can get a picture of him. He has long hair that is very matted and has burrs in it, I know he is male but not sure if he has been neutered. However he is friendly.

I have been checking in on you all over the days I have not been posting, I just simply have not taken the time to post anything. Just need to get back at it as I do enjoy it so.

Pictures soon - hopefully of my visitor