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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Princess and a Question

Princess has not been acting right for a few weeks ... She moved to the barn months ago but here in the last few weeks she has been acting strangely ... tonight she showed up on the front porch - again something she hasn't done for months, mostly because of Spike so I set the trap and caught her - she needs her rabies shot and other shots and I want to see what is causing her issues - I don't think she is hurt but I don't know, I don't think she is sick but I don't know ... however she is use to being outside and now I have her in the dog crate on the sunroom. She does not seem too upset, she is actually quite relaxed. Shes never been friendly - she will be 2 this month and has been outside for more than a year as she only spent around 6 months in the house when we first caught her ... so QUESTION: would it be bad for me to keep her in for the winter? Would it hurt her or hinder her abilities? This past week has already been really cold here, 30's most nights and highs in the low 50s.

Obviously since I have her she will get her shots - Im worried about keeping her in for several months but Im equally worried about not keeping her in ... ideas - suggestions

Friday, October 25, 2013

My Morning - rambling of sorts

Last evening I brought Shadow into the interror room in the house where I normally keep cats and kittens. It is a small room with one window, some shelves, and elliptical machine ... you get the idea .. smaller better for incorporating kitties. You see she had been spending all her time in the tree house and while that does not seem so bad she was not being curious about the rest of the room or about coming into the house or sniffing the other kitties. So I brought her in and almost immediately she was much calmer, friendlier and curious about the room. I spent over an hour petting her and talking to her and just general being around each other. She is such a sweet kitty. My morning was a doozzziee … First I got up a little late … not late but I had wanted to be up and moving around by like 6 instead of mmm 7 … but the bed and the snugglie kitties were so comfy and well I like snuggling with them so I did … obviously not knowing that the rest of the morning would be the way that it was … SO … up and first thing had to clean up cat barf since in the middle of the night Bean was laying on me and started the Im going to barf noise and I shoved him off the bed because well lets face it barf on the floor is much better than barf on the bed and even more better than barf on the bed that’s on me … since its 30 degrees outside I decided to pack my dress, shoes and hose for the rehearsal and dinner tonight so I had that going on which wasn’t a big deal except Shon says .. .hey look at Spike, he has scratched his ear and slung blood everywhere … so warm rag and Spike and I get to looking and cleaning and the has a huge hole and gash at the base of his ear and across his head … call to the vet, box him up and bring him in they say … so had to get the prisoner unit and Lucky decides this is good fun, I finally get the correct cat into the unit and he proceeds to scream his head off …. Oh and I cant forget sweet little Shadow … I moved her into the interior room last night where I usually keep random kitties and sickly kitties … shes already doing much better in my opinion – last night she was for the first time curious and more friendly … so she was fed and doing good in there this morning. Ok so I finally get into the car with all my stuffs and realize I don’t have a sweater to wear with my dress … had to stop get out and go back in the house to look for it – found it and on the way .. .sitting at the stop sign there was a car in front of me who after stopping started rolling backward – well before I could put mine in reverse I got bumped … dude gets out, hes in his pajamas, longerish hair and totally stoned, says uuhhh sorry like I cant see out my back window … uhhh duh dude they make defrosters for that … so no harm and it was just a bump but still like come on man … oh and Shons brother Tim is having a procedure this morning and Shon was trying to call him and I texted Karen (Tims wife) so they knew we were thinking about them etc … couldnet get them Shons mom called … I didn’t have time to make my breakfast shake … so Im having coffee … its been a morning … Ohhhhh AND now I am picking up the other girl that is in the weddings daughter after work because Nikki is a teacher downtown Roanoke and cant get from there to her house in Christiansburg and back by 530, Im actually excited about that, should be fun …. the day has potential to get more interesting Update on Spike: Spike is ok and back home my mom picked him up since I am leaving work at 4 to go to the rehearsal – vet seemed to think it was an old wound that got infected, started itching and he has scratched it, nothing to stitch, its draining on its own, they shaved it, washed it and gave him antibiotics in a shot. Said he was a good boy! Ill take pictures this evening

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

More about Shadow

Seems that she was cold .. she put herself under her towel .. so I turned the heater on in the Sunroom for her
She also seems to not like beef so we traded that out for some turkey

Monday, October 14, 2013

Sweet Shadow

Little Miss Shadow has come a long way in a short amount of time. While she is not getting up yet to meet me and ask for pets she is rolling and showing her belly and this morning I picked her up and held her in my lap.

Pictures from last night

Happy Kitty

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Shadow Update

Apologies for the delay in the post ... yesterday evening I picked up Shadow at about 530 ... she had been spayed, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, shots and checked over. They think she is 6 to 7 months old weighed 5.90 pounds and seems to be healthy. She is very shy. When we got home I moved her into the large dog crate and gave her food and left her to be quiet. She ate. And rested.

This morning same thing - food, water she looked at me like I might eat her. We worked the Virginia Tech game. I run a concession stand there that benefits the Humane Society of Montgomery Count. We were there all day. So she had a nice quiet day of resting.

This evening more food and water ... and Im pretty much worn out so Ill attempt petting her before I go to bed but really I think giving her time to rest and become ok with her surroundings and sounds etc is good. Tomorrow we will change out the towels and clean the crate some and see how she feels about being touched.

Friday, October 11, 2013


So little Miss Shadow went to the vet this morning – the cat and I played a round or 12 of chase the kitty in the sun room this morning and I finally got her into the small prisoner unit so she could be transported securely and safely to the vet – they called me not 15 minutes after I left to see if I wanted blood work done and her wormed and told me she was a she … nothing else so far just wanted to double check what all I wanted done This morning I turned the light on in the sun room and the way the crate was sitting she was in the light on the side she had been laying on and had moved into the shadow on the other side … so that’s where the name came from so …. Yeah! If they don’t call me mid day I will call them …. Im not sure how friendly shes going to be …. There is hope …


The little kitty ate a can yesterday and another last evening - does not eat when Im around or watching. against its better judgment it let me touch it ... no head pets but the body was tolerable.

Getting ready to get it in a smaller prisoner unit so it can go to the vets ... more when I know it

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Another Kitty

Driving home last night I caught a glimpse of something running frantically in a parking lot of a little store right on a main road ... Shon was driving in front of me and he saw it as well so we both made u-turns and went back. What we found was a little kitty ... very hungry ... skiddish but wanted that food.

The kitty would come close and eve took a bite or two of food off Shons fingers but would back up quick - for fear it would run out into the road I went home and got a trap. Kitty was in the trap and we were home in about 5 minutes.

The kitty is now in the dog crate in the sunroom

Its cute - Im guessing female, 4ish months, hungry not starved, has been around people in some way as it knows that's where food comes from, will sniff my fingers but not sure it wants a pet
Ive spoken to the vets office and they are going to see if they can get it in this week for the full work up - spay or neuter, shots everything
More to come

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

More Richmond Fun

I got up early this morning got ready checked out of the hotel and went for a walk around the capitol