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Monday, October 31, 2011


Female ... "The Princess"

Male - "The Eye"

"The Princess and The Eye"

Male - "The Face"

"The Face"

Went to the V-E-T on Saturday morning ... All kittens are healthy and they did well for the visit. They got their nails cut, ears washed, wormer and booster shot.

Friday, October 28, 2011

What we caught last night ...

Went home last evening, I get off work at 5 and am usually home by 530. Shon had let the babies out of their dog kennel for it to be cleaned and change the cat litter etc., they had full run of the room. The room is smallish has 2 book cases in it, a desk and elliptical machine. Shon sat in there with them talking to them for a while. Of course they had to be dragged out from under the cabinets to be petted and loved but ... they were receptive to being loved once I got them out. No new scratches today :-)

I set the trap around 7 the food that had been put out yesterday morning had not been eaten so I worried a little but was hopeful I had to run to town to pick up cat food and things so I left.  Got back just before 9 and was SO excited to see the glow of little eyes in the trap. I had the last one ... HA HA ... it was a Opossum, a little one, same size as the kittens ... Im now thinking that was the other set of eyes, I looked around and saw no other eyes and heard no other skurrying ... went home loved on the babies some more and put them back in the dog kennel so the door could be opened and they could get fresher air for the night and hear the sounds of the house and the other cats.

This morning I fixed their breakfast, a can of stinky goodness, a bowl of kitten chow, a fresh bowl of water and some treats just for good measure. Cleaned the box and took the door off the crate and let them venture back out into the room on their own. Didnt take long once they got a wiff of the yummie stuff on the other side. Im hoping they will explore today and get a little more comfortable in their surroundings. They have an appointment with the vet in the morning at 8AM ... then they can spend the rest of the day being kittens.

The first kitten that was caught, he is the leader of the pack ... he will sit out in the room but not come to you. He growls while your petting him but the whole time hes rubbing and loving and seems to really enjoy it and he gives little love bites its very sweet. I think he will be a good Man Cat :-)

The little girl - second one caught, looks just like the first one but her face is white and she looks like shes got eyeliner on. She look horrifically at you while your petting her brothers and shes not too sure about pets but if you hold her she seems to like it, just being held up close ... I think she is a princess in the making.

The one with the eye .... that poor little eye. He is very timid but really likes the pets. When its light he can definately see you ... when its darker not so much, his eye is messed up and tomorrow hopefully they can tell me how much its messed up. Its not goopy or running and he has it completly open its just got a smudge spot on it and the pupil is a little more dialited. The color part of the eye is a different color from the good eye. He likes to be held but curls in a ball and tucks his tail while being held. I think he will be a very loving kitty, most likely a lap kitty.

Apologies for the long post ... I will take pictures this weekend and get them up next week.

ButterBean took his pill good last night he only has to have it once a day and has 8 more days to go. He seems like hes feeling better, I havent noticed as much licking.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

More ...

Last evening after work I went to the local tractor supply store where much to my surprise they had humane traps on SALE! Got 4 for the price of 2 and was quite happy about that. Set 2 traps around 7pm called for the kitties and left for a bit ... went back just before 8 and had 1 kitty :) She looks just like the one we had already caught. Checked the other trap just ebfore 9 .. nothing .. . went back just before 10 to get the trap, didnt want to leave it out all night in case one was caught ... went to get it and had another. 3rd kitty was the one with the blind eye. He is a cutie pie .. they all are. We are thinking there is one more kitty ... but are not sure about that ... however we going to set the traps again tonight and check them every 45 minutes or so and see what we get.

Bean took his new meds last night and has not seemed to have a problem with them. But hes mad at me for giving him meds and wont sleep in the bed ...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The things that go on around here

Lots and lots to talk about ....

Top news is that my oldest kitty Beauty went over the birdge this morning. Her kidneys had shut down and she had started having possibly some mini strokes. I took her to the vet this AM and helped he finish her journey. She was born in my parents garage in Fall of 1987 - I was 6 years old. For the last 24 years she has been the best kitty ever. She has been helathy and full of spit up until the last few days. We knew her health was starting to fail but she was eating and drinking and going out for her morning sunshine. Sunday she began having trouble walking but was still eating and drinking. Yesterday (Tuesday) evening she could not lift her head and could not stand and would not eat or drink. She was a great cat ... :-)

Bean had to go to the vet yesterday - he has been licking and licking and licking and .. well you get the point .. licked all his furs off one arm and down his side and has licked sores on the skin. He also has a mild uniary tract or bladder infection. Since he has had a PU he is more prone to thoes types of infections. He was perscribed clavamox and an antihistamie .. the clavamox made him sick yesterday so this morning I got him a different med and he starts it tonight. This med should help with the itching and licking as well.

Some wonderful asshole decided to drop off kittens down near the river near where I live. On Saturday night we saw 2 and spent hours trying to catch them with no luck. Sunday I spent several hours and never saw a kitty one .. then Monday night Shon says hes seen kittens so to the river we go  and he caught one .. grey and white male about 10 weeks old. Hes a cutie .. I have him in an extra large dog crate with his bed, litter box and food. He is eating well and likes to be petted and sit in my lap. I got some worm medicine from the vet this morning and will give it to him tonight. Last night we went back to see about the other kitten and quickly realized there are 3 more kittens. 2 are grey and the other one ran, all we saw of it was the glow of eyes ... so Im going to get traps this evening and see if that will get me another.

I have some pictures that need to be posted ... Ill get them up soon.

Hope you are all having a lovely day - remember to hug your furry baby and enjoy them - as they truly are precious. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

New Friend

GO by http://facesofmisty.blogspot.com/ to meet a new friend 

Hope you all have a good weekend.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Still Around

Hello Fur-Friends

Its been a while ... we are still around and doing ok. Today is the 1 year anniversary since our beloved little Meep went missing. We still look out the window for her but she hasnt come home. We hope shes someplace happy chasing butterflies.

SO lets have an update ...

Butterbean is still fat :)

Boo Boo loves being shaved and has become a cuddle monster

Lucky is doing great!

Watermelon is not liking the cooler weather ...

Scooter is doing better about hiding and has been out more

Mama like the cool weather but likes her bed better

Scotch is just silly

Moose does not like being cold and his favorite place is under the covers

Tiny has learned to play cover monster ... :)

Momy is doing good. She has been working hard on the farm and getting things cleaned up and winterized as much as possible. This week has been crazy cold and windy but rest of the week and weekend look good for doing some work. Cant forget shes working on the Virginia Tech football games and she has her job that buys our foods.

We are going to try to get back into blogging more ... we have slacked long enough ... Time to get back to some happy fun things. Please know that while we havent been blogging we have been reading blogs and keeping up with you all.

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday ... Oh dont tell her I told you but .. tomorrow is Momys 30th birthday