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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Saying Hi and a new dude









Oreo and Peanut
And this Dude showed up at my house yesterday morning .. Older, sweet, friendly, neutered and de-clawed ... sigh

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Kittens and mom cat Patches

The kittens weights were 1.6 and .8 ... BW was a pretty sick little baby kitten. However they are almost done with their antibotics and seem to be much better. I have no doubt that BW will cat up with YW very quickly. they have had run of the house with all my other kitties for the last few days, only being locked up wen no peoples are  home. Had a long conversation with the vet on Saturday about mom cat Patches and how she was spitty and growley and was decided to take the babies this week with them being from her entirely by Friday - well they have not been with her since Tuesday because she is just angry - SO ... last night I persuaded her to go into the trap (by persuasion I mean we played a round of chase of sorts) and she is at the vets office being spayed, getting shots and generally being looked over. The plan as of now is to keep her in the crate until Sunday and then release her. She was a great mom cat! Very loving and protective. She did what she thought needed to be done and her to baby boys are beautiful, loving, healthy. Inside life is not for her. However, I have done for her all that I can by having her spayed. I will be calling a little later to get an up date on her.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Kittens .. and Bean

Kittens went to the vet Saturday - YW was 1.6 lbs and BW was .8. BW had a temperature and both got antibiotics and both are doing well.

Plenty of pictures below including some of Bean and his mini Bean Sprout

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


The lady that took the black kittie ... is KEEPING him .. she loves him .. he loves her .. YAY we is very HAPPY

Friday, August 8, 2014


The lady that was going to take the Black kitty next weekend decided to take him this weekend because she was taking today off from work. So yesterday my Mom brought him to me at work and he went home with hopefully his new mom. She called today and things were going well. He was talking to her and loving on her. She was trying to think of what to call him. Hopefully he will have a name and they will be in love by Monday. : ) Happy times

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

questions and answers

The baby kittens are very social - I have been persistent about petting them every morning and evening even tho the mama cat does not like it. she hisses and growls at me but allows me to pet her babies. I have already started talking to the vet about a sedative for her when it is time to take her to be spayed. Now that the babies are moving they come to me, they love to be petted and I hold them. I talk to them A LOT too.

The black kitty is doing well. He has been out and about in the house all day. He is playing with a ball right now. All the other kitties have been good to him. I have a lady that is interested in trying him out next weekend.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Update .. lots of pictures ... and .... Another

SO .. Sunday I get up and Im feeding the crew .. and I hear meow .. meow .. meow ... I look outside and what do I see ..

He is 16 weeks old and weighs 3 pounds - all bones - he went today (Tuesday) and was neutered, shots and checked out. Aside from being under nourished he is ok. He is friendly and very talkative.
Now how about some kitten pictures

They are growing and moving around pretty good
Bean is doing good too. He is laying on me now.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

ButterBean Update

ButterBean went to the vet today to get his stitches out. He was Mr. Social at the vets and they all petted and loved on him. All of his stitches were removed while he purred the whole time. His places have all healed very well and she was pleased with him. She checked out the new spots I had found in the past two weeks and determined that none were of concern but to keep watch on them. As long as he is eating, drinking, pooping and playing some (he is 10) we leave him be. If a spot comes up we remove it. Shon picked him up and said he had a big play when he got home and then proceeded to smack everyone near him. The he assumed his position on the back of the sofa.

Patches and the babies are doing well. Their little teeth are starting to come in and they are moving a little more. She is VERY protective. I covered much of the windows tonight with sheets thinking that a "smaller" space would be good for her. She was moving about the room within an hour of that. I hope if she cant see the so much of the outside and the other cats out there that she will calm down some. She will let me pet the babies and I fed them some wet food the last 3 feedings.

Ill get some more pictures up this weekend

Friday, July 25, 2014

Last night and this morning (happy Friday)

Last night Patches let me pet her babies. It was really kinda sweet. She growled and rubbed and loved them and basically pushed them right over to me. Then she watched and growled as I petted them and picked them up and looked them over. I gave them back thanked her and sat there for a while before leaving.

This morning I went out and sat in the same place she growled some but not continuously and one baby came to me. I petted him and put him back, she nose bumped my finger. The baby came back and she was loving on him and I petted her, even gave her a little scratch between the ears. She hissed at me afterwards. I think that progress. I hope to have more time to spend with her tonight and this weekend. Id like her to be fairly friendly by the time she needs to be spayed.

A few pics from last night