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Thursday, June 9, 2011

trying for happy

Momy and Dady have been staying with Maw Maw at night. So we see them some in the evenings and in the mornings when they come home to get ready for work. We live walking distance so they are close but not in bed with us however we Promise we have been keeping the bed comfortable for them while they are gone.
We arent sure how long this arraingement is going to last but we know its important for Maw Maw to be comfortable and happy right now and that sleeps are good for her.
So we are trying to be happy.

**a word from Momy**
Things here are ok ... while its different my dad had the shit happens attitude and taught me that ... shit happens, pick up where I left off and keep on moving ... think of me, remember me but dont be sad about it. while thats hard to do ... somehow Im doing it.

My dad was only 60, he had no health issues so obviously his sudden death was a shock. He had worked that day and even came to the fire house for a cookout Monday evening, he was fine, laughing, joking and eating hotdogs. The ER doctor seems to think he had a massive heart attack in his sleep, he never felt a thing, never had a pain, there was no suffering, he was just gone. He looked very peaceful laying in his bed, in his usual position - not knowing how long he had been that way Shon and I did CPR anyway until the medics arrived. I know he had not planned to leave us - we had too many plans, too many things and projects to get done and we had just planted a huge garden ... sometimes all the planning isnt enough ... but as dad would say ... shit happens and this is definately shitty ... but I cant go back in time and change it the only option I have is to pick up where he left off and keep on moving.

Thank you to you all for the purrs and head-butts, hugs and kisses, thoughts and messages. I truly do appreciate them. While I dont "know" any of you - its really great to have the support and kindness.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Long weekend ... week ... Bad ...

Momy had a long weekend over the memorial holiday ... she did fun things and mostly had a good time. Until Monday night/Tuesday morning when her daddy our Paw Paw died in his sleep at the young age of 60.

Momy and Dady have been busy helping Maw Maw and has no time for blogging ... Momy promises she will be back to blog soon ... shes been reading your posts and keeping up and looking for smiles in your blogs ... :-)