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Friday, July 30, 2010

Fun Facts Friday

HELLO - HELLO ... Lucky you dont have to yell ... HELLO

ha ha HI - Lucky here
to tell you Fun Facts about Momy

1. She like Milk (alot)
2. Shes 28 people years old
3. She drives a red car
4. She like to run
5. She would rather be outside
6. Momy and Dady are getting Married in 22 days
7. Her favorite color is yellow
8. She liks crazy colored running shoes
9. She loves kitties very much
10. Her favorite things are ponitail holders and undies

Ok thats all ...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday Update

Chickie is doing well. She and Phantom are lovie as ever. She is eating good and seems to have found her happy place back out in the world. She takes her daily trips to the river to do cat things. She hides in the bushes and she sleeps under the deck. She eats breakfast and dinner on the deck with Phantom and overall is very content with her life.

Tiny is not yet a pound. Brother went to a new home on Tuesday. I dont know his new name yet but what I do know is he has a new brother, Midnight. He is solid black and very close to the same age as Brother. They hit it off instantly. In the short time Brother has been gone Tiny has been more playful and awake more. Not sure what that means but .. I think its good.
The 2 girls Sadie and Sweet Pea are doing good. They are very loveable and cuddly. They are settling in nicely in their new home.

Lil tot is doing well. They named him Mo Jo. He is a loving little kitty, loves to play and give kisses. He is very playful and happy. His new parents love him lots and he has picked his new mom as favorite. Pretty neat since he perferd males when I knew him.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Doggie Run

Saturday evening Momy did a doggie transport (run) These little puppers were going from Florida to New Yorks and oh boy were they cuties.

These pictures were not taken by momy but she has a few that she will post soon. The date/time stamp is wrong on these and we dont know the peoples.

The doggies had their transport coordiantor send us an email this is what it said:

Ruby, Rubin and Roger asked me to say thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who are making their journey to Homeward Bound NY possible.
They are very anxious to meet you all in person over the next two days and they dont think they can sleep tonight. Kinda like Cristmas Eve in their little hearts.
They each insisted that I bath them today so their coats would be nice and silky.They wore their nice new collars for a while, but they took them off so that they wont we tempted to chew on them and have nothing but a raggy thing of a collar when they meet you. They will wear the collars when being walked and only under strict supervision sos they dont get hung up in them fooling around.

They were good !

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hot Hot Hot

Hello Friends - hope you all are keeping cool with this Hot weather. Was 101 here in Virginia this weekend with the heat index it was 110. HOT!
We all stayed inside and layed around to keep cool. Was just too warm for romping and playing.

We are sorries for the lacking of posts and not getting to visit as much as we want but we have had all kinds of things going on. We will do better.

Have a nice day and more tomorrow

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Been a little Crazy

The two girls went to their new home on Saturday. Their names are Sadie and Sweet Pea. Pictures as soon as I can get them downloaded.
Chickie went back out on Saturday evening. Her incision looked really good and she was ready. She sat in her crate on my sisters porch for several hours. When we opened the door she stayed in there for about 2 more hours. Finally late late Saturday night she emerged.
Chickie and Phantom are still in love. They eat together, lick each other and are generally in the same place all the time.
Tiny is still tiny ... brother is playful and sweet. They slept in my bed the other night. My big cats are scared of them. lol

Friday, July 16, 2010

Another Chickie update

Yesterday evening when I got home from work Chickie was laying in her litterbox. I opened the door to the crate and she just looked at me. She had not used the box nor had she eaten. I changed her food and petted her. Which she wasnt too sure about but didnt hiss or growl. I came back a few hours later and she was in the same place. At this point I was a little worried, she was going on 48 hours of no eating. Gave her the meds and left the door open to the crate. Please note the crate is in the same room she has been in for the last 8 weeks and her last 2 babies are in there. I went out the room leaving just a crack in the door so I could watch and she came out ... went right to the food plate that the boys at been eating at and ate. Same food that she had but apparently better.

So she is out in the room once again and shes not too happy with me. She would not come and let me pet on her this morning. When I put a clean towel in the floor she growled at me. Im sure she is a little sore, fustrated, put out all on top of being a cat ... female cat ... :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Whats next

Man I still havent downloaded thoes pictures ... geez .. I looked at the camera last night, really I did. lol

Chickie got back to my house last evening. She was awake but not moving around. She didnt want to eat and I dont blame her. Gave her, her pain meds around 8 and moved her into a larger crate that holds a litterbox, food , water and a very fluffy bed. She was happy about all that. Really, I think shes just happy that shes in a big box and nothing can get to her. She is still pretty wiley. My sister is taking her but she will live outside with Phantom. Phantom was the daddy cat that didnt get fixed quite fast enough to prevent a litter of kittens. Before Chickie was caught and living in my house for the last several weeks they were very much in love and we hope that will continue when she goes back.

They will be well provided for. They have 2 porches, one that they can go under that will be very cool and my sister is in the process of building a garage and they will be allowed in there. They also have an igloo that they shared before and if it gets really cold there is a heating pad in the igloo. Plus, Chickie is still fairly wild. She will let me pet her when Im sitting in the floor, have food and her babies are crawling on me.

At least she has been spayed, had her shots and is considered healthy.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Im a slacker

No excuses ... Ive just been busy.

The gray and black kitten went to their new home this past Saturday. I have pictures of them before they left but they are not downloaded from the camera yet. Tiny is still tiny but Brother is ready for his new home. No luck yet in finding one.
Chickie went this morning to be spayed as shes not producing milk anylonger and she was ready. Shes been itching to get outta that room for about 2 weeks. I just called the vet and they said she was doing good.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lovin some kitty kibble

The little Tiny guy has been eating. He is so s-l-o-w at eating but hey at least he is eating.

This morning he was so excited about foods that he was first to start gobbling up some goodness - with his brother and sisters. This is the first time he has eaten on the floor with everyone else. Their food consists of dry kitten chow on the bottom and a can of yum on top to get the crunchies moist. All really seem to like that even Chickie.

I fed them at 7 this morning and at 8 when I left Tiny was still licking and eating .... :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot Hot and Hot ... oh and some Cute

It has been and looks like is going to continue to be HOT HOT HOT here in SWVA .... If you have time check out the temperatures for Roanoke or Blacksburg VA ... we live between them .... let me tell ya .. its HOT

ALL kitties are inside today as its suppose to reach 105 and the heat index is going to be outrageous ... the fans are on the AC is on ... and we kitties are takin it easy.

This is Brother

He is a cutie!

This is Tiny - hes growing and getting better

Cute little thing

The girls were napping under the bookcase when pictures were being taken

Enjoy your dose of CUTE and stay COOL friends

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Good news

ButterBean here to tell you some good stuff. Momy took Thursday and Friday off last week and the place she works was closed on Monday so she had a nice long 5 day weekend. All us kitties were very excited about that.

On Thursday Momy took the 4 kittens to the vet. She also took another kitty Ike. So the kittens: the biggest one weighed in at a heaft 1.9pounds. The 2 girls were 1.8 each and the Tiney one was .7. The little one was given some fluids and the vet told momy to keep force feeding him and he was put on medicine. Update as of Today is that he will now eat off the plate and is excited about his foods. He is eating almost quarter of a can at a time but it takes him 30 minutes to do it. Hes really slow ... apparently at everything ... ah well.
The other babies are good and hopefully will be able to go to homes this week.
Chickie is doing good. Not real pettish but not as scairt as she was.

Its been up around 100 here for the last 2 weeks and looks like that isnt going to change this week. Momys garden is having a hard time, its just so dry.

Hopefully there will be pictures tomorrow.