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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hiya Friends - we feel like its been forever - momy and dady got married on the 21st and then that next Sunday morning they left super early and flew away on a plane to Jamaica Mon ... :)

They were gone and gone and gone .... our auntie C fed and took care of us and gave us pets - Grandma came to see us too.

Scotchy is all betters :) Tiny grew a little :)

Momy and Dady came back lates Friday night - we were trying to be mads at them but then the temptations came out and we gave in ... oh and we had to snuggle in bed with them - cant stay mads forever.

Momy promises pictures of the wedding and Jamaica!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

crazy things

Scotchy is doing great! Tiny is doing great although still Tiny!

Momy and Dady are getting married Saturday ... pictures soon friends!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Update Update

Just got off the phone with the Dr. Apparently Scotch thinks he is having a Spa day and is lounging lazily in the cage. They do have heated bottoms ... hummm. They have been watching him and think that the blood is whats left from earlier this week as there isnt much of it. His bladder is empty and he is P-ing some but there isnt much in there to come out. He has eaten breakfast and they were going to feed him lunch and hes going to hang out the rest of the day but they think he is ok. Still fighting some infection and is a little irritated in the boy area but thats common. They are adding another med to help with swelling and inflamition. :)

Otherwise he is purring and laying upside-down in the cage - silly boy

Did someone stop Purring??

Scotch has been doing good. taking his medicine good and eating good. Then last night right at bed time he got in the tub and tried to P ... blood is all that came out. I pushed on his tummy and felt around and he never cried but he got in the box and tried to P again and nothing. So this morning he was at the vets office as soon as they opened. They will be calling me to let me know whats happening soon ... i think

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Scotch came home yesterday about the time we got to the drive way he started purring. I let him out in the hosue he looked around and immediately wanted to go outside to his bowl - so I let him out for all of about an hour then made him come in for the night.
He slept in the bed on my head for most of the night. I was up at 5 ... gave him his pill which he took like a good boy and then I laid on the sofa - he laid on top of me passed out .. then moved to the end of the sofa and slept like a baby until 8 when I left for work.
He went out when I did this morning and was excited to lay in his chair. I picked up his other medicine today, its liquid - I hope he takes it as good as the pill.
His arm is bruised and shaved, he has a shaved spot on his neck, belly and back leg too. I need to take pictures.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just Called About Scotch

Good News! Good News! Scotchy can come home today. I will be picking him up on my way home from work. He is doing VERY well the vet said and seems to be happy, is purring and eating. His kidneys are functioning normally and she is confident that he will do well going home.

He will be on 2 medicines - one I have to get from the pharmacy as it has to be compounded. Yay! :) lol

Monday, August 9, 2010

Scotch update

Scotchy was a bad kitty last night - he pulled his catherater out ...

However he is Peeing on his own - he is eating a little - not drinking as much as they want him to so he is still getting fluids and his meds introveniously - if he continues to do well then he may be able to go home tomorrow evening.

Tiny, ButterBean, Lucky and Scotch

Tiny, ButterBean and Lucky went to the vet on Friday.

Lucky just needed his shots so nothing crazy to report there. Although he did have quite a bit of trouble jumping on the bed when he got home but that wore off in several hours. He weighed in at 12.4.

ButterBean stayed at the vet for most of friday. Its been almost 4 years since he had his PU and they wanted to check his blood work and urine to make sure all is well and good and it is so that was a good report even though he was not a happy kitty about staying there 6 hours. He weighed in at 18.2.

Tiny has round worms and had had 1 pill so for them so far. He also has an ear infection and respiroty infection. He got big medicine from the real drug store for that. Poor little guy it knocks him out for hours after he takes it but so far I think he is feeling better. He weigned in at 1.8.

Then on Saturday we did a dog run, I will post pictures of the doggies tomorrow I hope. When we got home we were looking for Scotch. We saw him from a distance. He was walking funny and being very - very -    v-e-r-y s-l-o-w .... then he just laid down. Scotch is not a cuddle kitty - he like to lay close and touch you with a paw but not be in your space or have you in his. So when Shon went and picked him up and carried him to the house we were both surprised that Scotch allowed it. We took him inside and poked him a little and he cried every time we touched hime. He kept lifting a leg while laying down, at first I thought maybe he got hit or something then I saw blood coming out of his penis. Bad Bad Bad ... called the ER vet and took him in right away. It took them almost an hour to get the catheter in ... blood unrine lots and lots. I left him there at 8:30 and they called me at 11 - he was mostly out, getting fluids and meds and was in no pain at that point. Premliminary urine results were back and it looked like a really bad UTI. Vet called me at 7am to say that his bladder was extremely swollen and distended from the infection. But there were no crystals and no bacterias. So this Monday morning I called my vet and talked to them with the intention of moving Scotch to them for furter treatment. When I called the ER vet this morning they said Scotch had pulled out his catheter in the night/early AM and they were watching him. If he can P on his own and seems to be doing well then he might be able to go home today but to think more of tomorrow for him to go home. Poor baby. The ER Vet here is a regular clinic so he can stay there as long as he needs to. My regular vet does not have Emergency services.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Helping a Friend

Good Morning Friends - If you dont already know Skeletor then you should. What a wonderful story about a pup in need. However now he is sick and he needs a helping paw.

Visit Skeletor here: Skeletor and leave him some love and purrs and barks ...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Fun Facts Explained

There were some questions about the fun facts so I am going to try to answer them

Momy had wanted me Lucky to be the ring bearer since I am the only one that walks on a leash. However the wedding was suppose to be at the Fire Station and thinking of my safety she thought I would get scairt and that would go badly for me. Now they are having to get married just down the road at a church but fire trucks are still involved and all the yummie foods are goin to be at the fire house so she still thinks it best for me to stay home so she wont have to worry.
I would probably be more comfortable on my sofa anyways... :)

Momy and Dady have been together for 5 years and known each other for almost 10. SO he has been around for a while. He has been living with us since before I was brought to the house. When he moved in with Momy only ButterBean and Boo lived here. I was their first kitty together. Over the years Dady has brought several of the others home. He loves us and we are pretty sure he knows that Momy would choose any one of us over him.

We are not moving. Instead they are going to build on to the house we live in and according to momy it will be VERY kitty friendly. Now about the ponitail holders and undies. Welll ... Momy has long long black hairs. So she Loves ponitail holders. They are everywhere. When she has a bad day she go ponitail holder shopping. She has a whole basket full and everytime she cleans she finds some that we have hidden and she gets excited cause they are new all over again. Now about the undies. Momy loves coupons and some secret store that her friend Victoria ownes sends her coupons for $10 off. So when she gets thoes she gets 5 new pretty pairs for like $15 and she says thats really cool. So right now she has like 25 pair that still have tags on them. CRAZY !
Sometimes Dady surprises her and orders new ponitail holders online for her. She had Virginia Tech ones and NY Giants and Carolina Panthers and Boston Red Sox and many more. FUN!