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Friday, March 22, 2013

Ready for Spring

Tiny here telling you all hello - I was outside playing last Saturday when I got my picture tooooken - it was such a nice day we all played and played ... its been super cold since and they are calling for that white stuff this weekend .. NOT impressed by that at all .. we want warm - we want to play!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


This pretty little thing is Kitty ... she was a drop - she was spayed about 2 weeks ago and has come to enjoy the life inside the house. She is about a year old and extremely friendly. She likes to lay on my moms lap and she gets along well with other kitties.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Smokey the House Cat

We might should call him the sofa cat ... :)

It was beautiful here on Saturday - I spent most of the day outside - Smokey however would not even think about going out! He likes to look out the windows but so not interested in going outside. Last evening he did sit on my lap on the sofa and had sat beside me anytime I was there. This morning he was playing with a toy :) He is SO happy

Saturday, March 16, 2013

What I did this morning - Valiant

I had Valiant this morning for his frist leg to his foster and hopefully permanent home in NOVA

Friday, March 15, 2013

A million Thank Yous

The out pouring of love and support is overwheling but much appreciated!

Face, Princess and Eye were found by the river - they had been droped by some one who didnt think they were good enough .. we fed them for days and ended up trapping Eye and Princess .. Shon actually grabbed Face by the head and carried him all the way home. They were not friendly and I worried that they had gone too long to be friendly. I had them spayed & neutered and got shots and worked with them for endless hours. Finally we let them out into the rest of the house with the rest of the cats and they blended mostly well. Eye never has expressed interest in going outside and the one time I took him out he balled up like a wolly worm and shook. Face wanted to go out early on and at first I hesitated .. .then decided that he would be happier if he had some outside time ... much to my surprise he came back in on his own and became and indoor (when he wanted to be) outdoor (when he wanted to be) cat. Princess hid all the time, if I wanted to see her I had to look for her under the beds ... then she started pooping on the beds - after making sure she was not sick but was stressed I put her in a crate and took her outside - she and Face kissed through the door and they both tried to free her within a few minutes so I let her out - she has never been happier. I see her pretty much everyday. She eats and sleeps on the porch.

We dont really live close to the road ... we live way off a main road, the road closest to us is a 20mph road. And from our house its about a quarter mile a way - Our little community is 2 miles in a circle - accross this little road is the river and between the road and river is river bank that has lots of trees and fun things for kitties to play. Im sure this is where Face was going.

My cats live the life - I dont make them do anything they dont want to do (except take their medicine and go to the vet if needed)... meaning if they dont want to go out then they dont have to ... and in the case of Smokey .. he does NOT want to go out ... so looks like I have a house cat! As the days get warmer and longer I feel that he will want to go out and lay on the deck. He has been licking raw spots on his body. I had seem him doing this before I caught him when he would be out in the field. So he went to the vet yesterday evening for a shot to calm the itchies. The vet was worried about giving him a steroid shot because of his ear and his eye so he is now taking a low dose of prednisone, the same stuff that Mama takes.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Not so Fun - RIP Face

Face Princess and Eye are littermates. Face early on wanted to go outside and this time last year I started letting him out - he comes in, sleeps in the bed or in a cat bed and has gotten to be very friendly. We were excited about him growing up to be a BIG MAN CAT ... he has such stunning markings and a sweet personality. Princess also wanted to be outside last year and went out about May - she for the most part stays with Face or on the porch, however is not friendly and wont let me do anything but look at her. Eye wont go outside, typically wont even get near the door but sleeps on top of me at night and snuggles.

Last night Face asked to go outside which is normal, he usually sleeps outside with his sister in their little house thats on the porch. They ate together last night and this morning my sister called early telling me there was a kitty in the road near the drive way that had been hit. Sadly it was Face. When I opened the door to go get him Princess came out of her house wide-eyed. I went and got my boy - cried my cry on the way up the driveway with him. Hopefully it will get warm today so we can bury him this evening.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fun stuff

Monday Smokey spent the day outside - it was nice here, a good day for a kitty to lay on the porch and be a kitty. When I got home I yelled SMOKEY ... and he came runnin - meowing and ready to go in - please

Yesterday was a rain day and cloudy and kinda chilly so he decided he wanted to stay in -

This morning he went out and when I turned to go out the door myself he had his little paws on the door asking to come back in ... apparently he didnt think today was a good day to be out. It is a little cloudy and cool.

I think the Smokey Boy is becoming an inside kitty ... :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Smokey ... Mama ... and the rest of the gang

Smokey has been adventuring the house .. and over the weekend he walked out the door himself and back in and out and in and out ... he has been laying on the sofa and overall becoming more friendly - less skiddish and getting use to things as a indoor/outdoor kitty - we are hoping now that the weather is getting better he will go out for the days and in for the nights.

Mama ... played like she was a little kitten yesterday - she was running and flipping and chasing sticks - was great to see. She is still taking her medicine 2 times a day and likes the beef flavored. She is eating more dryfood and seems to be holding her own.

the rest of the gang are doing well - Brooke, Tiny, Stripey, Lucky and Moose all went out to play both Saturday adn Sunday for most of both days - they all really enjoyed the sunshine and being able to get out and run and play some.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Feelin Frisky Friday


We love the "oven"
(Eye & Stripey)

(Eye & Stripey)

(Eye, Stripey, Bean, Brooke)

(Eye, Stripey & Tiny)

(Eye, Stripey, Tiny & Brooke)

Have a playful Weekend