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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Butter Bean ... A true story

ButterBean here to tell you a story ....

I am a BIG FAT cat ... I have no problems telling you that, admitting that and being ok with that. So in saying that I am a BIG FATty ... I will also say that generally I do not like to go outside. You see there are things outside that could make me scared and thus cause me to need to run which would in turn disturb the fatness of my bellah and make it wiggle and the fat wiggling is not one of the things I call fun. Also, I DO NOT like to go potty outside ... something about the wind blowing across my bum when I am doing my business makes me uneasy ... so I do perfer the litterbox. And so goes the story ...

Momy lets Lucky and Moosie out some when she is home. Actually Lucky cries like a little girl to go out until Momy gets tired of hearing him and opens the door. Moosie likes to go but sometimes he dosnt. I should insert here that neither Moose or Lucky have front claws yet they are not scairt of the outsdoors and Moose has even gone potty out there and was PROUD of it ... BAH!

I use to go out quite a bit but the last few years I really just have not felt the need to. Until Saturday ... Momy let out the usuals, Melon, Mama and Meet, Scotch was already out and Lucky and Moose wanted to go play too, since it was cool in the morning and the afternoons here have been horrible. Its been 90 or above for the past several weeks YUCK! Anyway, Saturday I decided that maybe I wanted to venture out as well. Momy said ok ... by 1130 it was 95 degrees so all us kitties headed for the house and the cool where we napped for the rest of the day.

Sunday morning Momy was up early, everyone went out again and again I wanted to go so Momy let me since I had been a good boy on Saturday. Momy was up early to pick beans and pick beans she did. Then she sat on the back porch breaking bean when she saw me Bean running as fast as my short little legs could haul my 25 pounds through the field. All she could do was laugh. Shes still not sure what was after me or if I had accidently touched the electric fence and Im not telling. That was at 10 Sunday morning..... everyone went in my 12 but me .. ha ha ha .... it was 100 degrees Sunday here in Virginia ... Momy sat outside under the tree all day calling for me, looking for me, yelling for me ... looking and hunting and not finding.

As the sun started to go down and the air started to cool some Momy was still outside in her chair under the tree calling for me. What she didnt know was that I could see her and hear her and knowing she was close made me not so scairt. Finally at 10 that night I needed some lovin so I started rubbing on the underpinning of the building and she heard 'tink, tink, tink,' and went to investigate only to find lil ol' me ... she ran to get my foods but I wouldent come out so she went and got some stinky goodness and I just could not resist.... however I did not eat any of it I just like to sniff it.

SO Momy picked me up and carried me in the house. I scratched her just a little on her hand cause Im a big boy and she has a hard time carrying me so she hurted me but didnt mean to ... she was mad, glad and upset all at the same time .... and something about how I will never go out again .. or at least not in the next few years ... yeah whateva ma ...

I am not entirely myself yet, been drinking lotsa water ... and laying around

Friday, June 25, 2010

Finally Friday!

All the kittens are doing well. 3 still need homes!

Chickie meowed at me this morning asking for her foods. I think shes tired of being locked up. I think I would be too. The kittens will be 8 weeks old tomorrow. I had hoped to have them all homes but I dont and Im not sure what to do at this point. I can not keep any.

Lil Tot is happy - they have not officially named him yet but they love him lots.

Will be taking pictures over the weekend ...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Good News Monday

Last Wednesday Lil Tot went to meet a nice lady - she liked him and took him home with her. Over the weekend her and her husband fell in love with the lil guy and have decided to keep him. :)

The kittens are EATING .. ALOT .... :) And Tiney is GROWING a little ... :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mostly Wordless Wednesday

I promised Kitten pictures and here they are ... enjoy ...


Lil Tot

Lil Tot

This is the Tiney one I have been worried about - More on him later

The other Brother

Tiney on the Right - brother on the left


Brother, Black kitty is a girl and light grey is a girl - she has a home and her name will be Sadie

Pretty and very sweet black baby - She needs a home
This is Tiney

This is my hand beside Tiney

This is my hand covering Tiney and his brother

These pictures are from Monday night so they were taken 2 days ago.

Tiney did play some last night - not much but enough to make me happy.

He is really the size of a 3-4 week old kitten.

The black kitten is eating wet food. The light grey is eating dry, she does not care for wet for some reason. The bigger brother is licking a little food but nothing I would call eating.

Lil Tot is doing great! I think I even caught Chickie loving on him.
He has learned to give kisses and he PURRRSS real big when petted.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Tuesday

Good Morning Friends!

I was doing SO good this morning - got all the babies fed, litter boxs cleaned, showered, got ready for work, downloaded pictures of the kittens and copied them to my travel drive so that I could share them with you today. Was Soo excited driving to work - got here went to look at the pictures and ...no pictures. They didnt copy. So sad ... Now ... you all must wait until tomorrow for pictures of the kittens.

Chickie will still let me pet her when I feed her but thats about it. The black kitten is eating wet cat food like a champ! So far she is the only one I have seen eat. Lil tot is adorable. He just purrs when you get close. He plays BIG. And he is playing with the other kittens.

I am concerned about the smallest of the kittens. He does not seem to be growing. He really does not play. He like to climb up on you and sit there. Im really not sure about that one.

Friday, June 11, 2010

So Excited about the Weekend

Moose and Scooter here - PLAYING!
We are sooo excited about the weekend


I Love to Play


I love to Play too

WE are going to PLAY all weekend !!!

Get out your TOYS and play too :)

Update on kittens, chickie and Lil Tot: Lil Tot is now in general kitten population. While he is bigger than the others he needs the socialization and Chickie really does not seem to mind him being around. As of this morning she was not treating him as one of hers but she is not mean to him. I figure by the end of the weekend he will be snuggling up with everyone. He is eating well and seems to be ok. He is playing some with the others.
Chickie is continuing to let me pet her and watching while I play with the babies. The babies are not eating wet or dry foods yet but they are drinking water and PLAYING. The will be 6 weeks old tomorrow but I think they are only the size of 4 week olds.
I still needs homes for the kittens - if you or someon you know would be interested let me know.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Whats in a Name ??

Several asked yesterday about my name

My name is WaterMelon
I do not eat watermelons and Im not pink
I am a great big man cat!

During the day I go outside
At night I sleep in the bed with my people

So ... How did I get my name ... welll

The story goes that my Dady played lots of computer games and in one of the games there was a character called WaterMelon - his special trick in the game was that he could make mushrooms and when other player ran through the mushrooms it would slow them down.

When I showed up at my now home lots of mushrooms showed up as well. I dont think I did anything to make the mushrooms but Momy and Dady made the connection and laughed about the mushrooms and me the fluffy grey kitty and so they started calling me WaterMelon.

I go by and will come to:
Melon Ball Fluffy Pants

I like to roll on the gravels outside and I like to sleep in my chair or on the bed in the house.
As a general rule only my Momy and sometimes my Dady can pet me when I am outside. If its not one of them I will run. When I am in the house I am a love to anyone.

This is me on my favorite blankie on my favorite chair

So there you have it - Probably not the strangest kitty name ever but definately different.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another Baby ... what?!?!

Settle in for a fun story ... with what we hope will be a happy ending or beginning depending on how you look at it.

Sunday a week ago ... Chickie and the babies had been at the house 7 days .... My sister C calls. Her outside cat is Phantom ... I need to take pictures of him, he is the daddy cat to Chickies babies ...

Ring, Ring

Me: Hello ....
C: Phantom has found another baby
Me: Oh No ... there were 8 .. oohh how sad
C: You should come down here and see it, its really cute
Me: Ok .. what? Its alive
C: Yeah it alive
Me: There is NO WAY that its alive, Ive had Chickie for 7 days ... it wouldnet be able to survive.
C: well ... we have it in a cage ... and its hissing at us
Me: Oh my ... Im on my way ...

So to my sisters I went, kitten milk and bottle in hand thinking a starving 4 week old was hissing at her...

He was cute and is a HE ... dark grey with black stripes - he hissed a little but was ok once picked up. We fed him wet cat food as there is no way that he was one of Chickie's babies - he is at least 9-10 weeks old.

C and her hubby R played with him and cuddled him and loved on him but he wanted to be with Phantom. Phantom licked him and washed him and played with him and they snuggled and then the lil tot dissapeared ... for a week he showed up with the coaxing of Phantom to eat. At night R would play with lil tot, and finally yesterday he was captured again.

He is very sweet. Currently he is in a large dog crate in my kitchen, under the table. He was very good for his photo shoot last evening. During the night he used his box and he cried for about an hour until I went and got him and laid on the sofa with him until he went back to sleep. He ate his food, dry and wet and seemes to be ok. He hisses a little when you go toward him but once you touch him, he is fine.

This lil tot is in need of a home -

Monday, June 7, 2010


Thats what Momy said this morning as she was doing a happy dance ... you see whilst she was feeding the Chickie her stinkie goodness she petted Chickie. Rubbed her from middle of her earses to her tail and even gaver her scritches around the ears and Chickie LIKED it ... she even purred a little purr ...

Momy was SUPER excited. ... :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Several asked yesterday how Chickie is .... wellll she will not let me pet her but she will let me see her. I can go into the room and she wont run, she will watch while I am putting her food out and will get a little close but no pets yet. She is eating really good and drinking her water. Shes not really gaining weight but I think she looks healthier than she did. Once the babies start eating some wet food and kitten chow I will be more agressive at petting on her.

Scroll down for yesterdays post of outrageously cute kittens!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Cuteness Overload

The babies are going to be 5 weeks old tomorrow.

They still need homes ...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Doggie Run

Last week Momy went on a doggie run

Lookie at the pups she transported

We are happy to report that 3 of the 5 puppies have already been adopted to forever homes and there are applications for the other 2
The dalmation is in process of being adopted as well

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A message from Scotchy

Hi ButterScotch here ... hangin' out in my chair on the porch
Last week I had the itchies .... I was digging at my ears until they blead
then I started doing the same thing around my neck

SO ..
Momy took me to the V-E-T
I got a cortizone SHOT - owieee
After we got home ... I got antibotics and all I could do was sleep ...

oh and at the vet I was kinda bad ... I bit Momy

sorries Momy

so I napped and now I am feeling better

And Momy loves me :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

garden happenings

The Garden is GROWING

cucumbers are blooming

Pepper plants look good

The Rabbits have not eaten any of the Broccoli

Tomato Plants look good

Squash plants are getting big

Green beans WOO ..

Pumpkins are growing ..

Tomato plants

Our happy garden