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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

about Face

HI .. Im the Face ... do you see WHY I am The Face
Because of my beautiful muzzle
I look a lot like my sister Princess except her face is white and shes a girl

Im cute :) and I know it

Bet you want to pet me dont ya ... ha ha ha

when momy and dady caught me (I was first) dady grabed me outta the bushes by my head
I tore him up good but he didnt let go - he held me tight against him and walked 1/2 mile home holding me.
The other 2 were caught in traps two days later.
All 3 of us were fixed in December - we were listed as un-friendly

Momy just would NOT give up and she started peting me ... little at a time, on the paw, on the chest working at it more and more

Then 2 weeks ago while laying in bed she peted me and I did this ...

thats right I scratched her hand and I bit her hand but she kept petting

she would let me bite and scratch her as long as I would let her pet me

her hands were all scratched and red and bleeding for a week
we did this scratch and pet thing for days and days

i got tired of biting her ... scratching her .. was too much work
now she pets me when I want her to ... which is more and more as the days go on

I like pets

I wish Princess liked pets ... momy is trying to work with her but shes not having much of it

Me ... I lay on Momy at night and when shes watching tvs on the sofa ... i dont really like to be picked up but I will let her hold me while shes sitting

this picture is a lil blery

 Im learning to trust more ... I rub up against legs now and Ive been talking
I LOVE to play nerf gun .. I chase the darts and bring them back and I love the laser light
and I really like to take foods from hands ... and I like to bite fingers and tug on them.

Eye Update

Oh friends Thank you All so much for your help with my eye ... I do appreciate it.

This morning Momy brought in the cat carrier, she sat it in front of the heater so it would get warm and she took a towel out of the dryer to go in it. I watched and then she looked at me ... why ME? Ive been good, I didnt get on the counter at all last night and I slept by her side the whole time. I was a good kitty why ME?
So I did what any smart kitty would do ... ran. She looked for me and looked but I was sitting in the window in the back bedroom looking at the birdies, I like to look at birdies ... then there she was .... I turned to mush I love my Momy so, she picked me up and I purred for her cause Im a good boy.

Then friends I put up a pretty good fight, I struggled and I squirmed and I poked all my legs out so that she couldnet get me in but in the end I lost and into the box I went. I howled, yowled and cried a pittiful cry, all in all I was amazed at myself and a little ashamed for acting the way that I was but I wanted to stay I did not want to go - I didnt know where I was going but I knew I did not want to go. Then off we went, she had warmed the car and everything. She talked to me the whole way and told me she loved me and promised I was coming back home.

Then there we were ... we went in and she got me out ... I curled up in a ball and just laid on this big thing ... I weighed 8.2 pounds - WOW ... thats big, Ima big kitty ... woah what was THAT ... yup it was a pup dog with log swingy ears ... we went back in our room and in came the vet. Dr. Metrey she was nice. She asked me if she could pet me, Momy was holding me so it was ok. then I sat on the table, up next to momy of course and the vets said how pretty I was and how good I was being.

She looked in my eyes, she did a stain test that I passed and she listed to my lungs. Finally she said I was OK ... I have the beginnings of what looks like a VIRAL INFECTION and since my eye was hurted before it shows up more in that eye. I cant have medicines becuase Im not snotty, runny, wheezy, sneezy or any of that. But I did get EYE DROPS. They are a steriod but they dont hurt. I get them in both eyes for 3-5 days. Oh and I can have half an allergy pill 2 times a day too.

When it was all over Momy put me in front of the box but I wouldnet go in ... not that I wanted to say but I didnt want to go in she had to shove me in the box ... then we went back home where I dated out fast as I could and ran to the bedroom. Im tired ... in need of a nap now.

SO Thank you Friends ...  for giving me advice and being kind. Eye appreciate it :)

Love, snuggles and kitty kisses to you all

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

tis Eye - Eye need a lil help .. please

its Me ... the Eye here again ... Momy has been concerned about my eye ... last week when I posted it looked like this ... this picture is from January 20

And now Tonight February 14 it looks like this


Momy noticed this last night and she made me an appointment for in the morning
SO at 8AM she is taking me to see the V-E-T ...
Momy is worried .. me I was taking a nap before she started with the camera and now Im chasing a ball ... Im not acting sick but she says my third eye lid looks scary ... third eye lid huh! who knew

Have any of you experienced this ???

Happy Valentines Day

Something Fun

or at least Momy and Dady think its fun.

they got some green papers for christmas and decided they would get a new coffee maker - Momy dost drink much coffee but when she does she likes hot chocolate or flavored coffee - we think its YUCK to drink and really Hots but we love to sniff when its making the noise

the new coffee maker

and momy thinks that she is...

ha ha ha ..

A note from mom - I have had the flu ... was out from work last thursday and friday, felt like complete crud but the kitties helped ... they rotated layin on me, near me, beside me etc. I am back at work, went to bed at 8 last night and got up at 7 this morning so far I dont feel like I need a nap. Hopefully I am getting better.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sick Mama

Mama been sick ... we been taking care of her ... shes feeling better and will get back to work on updates tonight .. we hope :-)
Dady got her a kindle for V-Day ...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Eye

HI ... I am "The Eye" do you see why??

My little eye is a bit messed up ... Im not blind but have some trouble seeing out if it well and seem to look in an odd direction most of the time. It looks as tho the scar spot on my eye is growing and getting worse .. this troubles momy a little ...

Im being a cinnamon bun
I love to lay on the sofa or bed or anywere momy is ... she has worked with me a whole lot since we have been here and I am the most friendly and I LOVE her and only her ... I sleep beside her at night and I really really like reading time cause she pets me and I like mornings cause we have kitten time and she loves on me and my brouther Face and sister Princess (you saw her in the previous post)

Me and Princess chillin ...
I like to play and I love momy .... i like to be anywhere she is ... i even follow her around and talk to her sometimes although she would like me to talk a bit more.

Me and Bean and Brooke (you havent met her yet) napping in dadys recliner ...

I was neutered a few weeks ago - I healed good but didnt like having to go ... oh and Momy gave me away but I wouldnet eat, drink, use the box and was unable to be found for 2 days so she came back and got me .. now I am stuck to her like whiskers  - did I mention I really love her?

Monday, February 6, 2012


Hello there ... I am "the Princess"  and you should stay over there cause I perfer you to be no closer to me than what you are ...

Thats right .. I will RUN if you get any closer to me

Im pretty and I know it

Are you getting it all clean??

I was just checking to make sure he was getting it all clean ... really ....

The Princess ... he belly is still a little shaved from her spay several weeks ago now, she did great and healed up all good and stuff. She is extremely shy and not interesed in pets at all. She will sit on the end of the sofa with me on the other side but move to quick and shes gone. In the mornings I have kitten time with the babies and she will sit on the bed but wants no other part of it. The last 2 mornings she has allowed me to touch her tail but only if shes not facing me.

She is georgous, petite, shy and has not begun to talk to me yet .... but Im hopeful ..

Friday, February 3, 2012

Getting ready for the BIG Game

Dady getting ready for the game ...

Mama Cat ready for the game ..

yups we ready!

Momy is working on the updates and new pictures for next week ... Hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy fun times during the BIG game ... we gonna watch the Puppy Bowl too YAY!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

its GroundHog Day

Its Ground Hog day ... we like ground hogs there are several that live on our property - we dont mess with them but they arent mean to us ... SO HAPPY GROUND HOG DAY to you :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A quick update

Just a quick update and then more involved updates to come in the days ahead ... WITH pictures :)

Mama is doing well .. shes eating wet food good and I think shes eating some dry but not sure - she sure is milking this tho ... ha ha

Brooke is doing well and the incision is healing well

the others are doing good too ... more indepth details about each to come with pictures :)