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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Booker T

the lady that took him has named him Booker T .. .she says he is just adorable and has been SO much company - he likes to watch her especially at night while shes reading - she wants him to sleep in the bed with her but hes not ready yet .. instead he sits on the night stand and watches her read

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Le Chat Noir

Le Chat Noir - otherwise known as the little black kitten I rescued a week ago went to what I hope will be his forever home this afternoon. The woman called me this morning whispering into my voicemail because she was at work that she wanted him if it wasnt too late. I called her back this afternoon and met her after work about 530 with him. She was very excited to have a little man coming home to live with her. I hope in the next few days I will hear what his name will be and how things are going. He is such a sweet kitten - I think he will be a lover boy seems that is just what she needs.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Kitten Update

The little black kitty is doing well. He is pretty friendly, very playful and PURRRRRrrrrrrsss he is also a talker which is fun! I left him in a large cat crate last night in the room where I keep all kitties when they first arrive. This morning I tested him out to see how he would be at large in the room and he did well. He scampered about and I got him a toy mouse to play with. He was having a big time. I went in and out multiple times fixing him an new litterbox and bed and foods and he thought it was just great. So today he will have full run of the room, he was definately stretching his legs this morning. Now to find this sweet boy a home.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


The little black boy went to the vets this morning - she just called me and ....

She thinks he is only 6 weeks old - he was treated for worms and will get his ears cleaned - he only has one testicle that is decended, she thinks the other still has time to drop but if it dosnt they can take care of it when he is nutered.
otherwise they think he is just the most adorable kitty :) Im glad he is well.

He will hang out at the vets office until I pick him up after work, what this means is he will be super loved on by multiple people all day! :) thats happy and just what he needs to get over his slight fears

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Last Night

9:05pm - we were finishing a movie we had started over the weekend and I was thinking man .. as soon as this is over I am going to bed ...

9:09pm - call from a friend ... he says please dont get mad at me but there is a kitten here in the warehouse where I work, its screaming, we have looked for more and the mama and nothing just this one. I dont want it to get squished or something - Can you help me??

He works at a steel manufacturing company so obviously there are huge machines and moving parts and everthing else.

SO off we went - got some cat food, a crate and headed there - Shon and I got there at 9:24 and were searching for the little ball of fluff ... of course it had to be BLACK ... is a darkish warehouse.

We located it and finally caught it. My friend caught it and was biten on both hands in the process but we got the kitten and had it in a crate with a can of cat food and were on the way back home - we got home at 9:52pm.

I gave kitty a little time to calm down and eat. Then went in to see it with a larger cat crate and a warm wash rag.
This little kitty is a male, solid black except for a few white furs on his belly and pretty sweet. At first he hissed then he started purring. He is a big talker! And his tummy is HUGE but I can feel all the bones in his body so he most likely has worms. If I had to guess I would say he is about 8 weeks old.
He has an appointment with the vet tomorrow.

I took some pictures with my phone so they are not the best but ... here he is .. Hoping I will be able to find him a good home once he checks out with the vet.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Friends ... A Happy Story

This is Freckles ... shes was dumped at a gas station where she lived for about a year, when a friend stoped there she greeted him asking for a treat. Please note we live in SW VA and this was happening in another state. The people that worked there and the people the visited the store had been feeding her but didnt know where she had come from, just that she had been around for a long long while. Being the nice guy that he is he went down the road bought dog foods and a dog crate, called his wife who immediately said bring her here dont leave her out there any longer. So he brought her home. Of course at that time she was matted, her furs long and icky and she was WAY over weight ... shes now beautifully groomed, is down to 33.2 pounds (vet wants her at 30) and shes living the life in the house with 2 cats.

This is Freckles and Steve ... As you can see the cat has taken her bed

Sunday, July 8, 2012



This my friends is Dixie ... I rescued her from the dumpster at a local shop/store called Dixie Caverns. I had her spayed and tried to find her another home but she wanted to be outside so I let her stay here. We have lots of room and we dont live close to a main road.
This morning I found her out at the main road, she had been hit. Im not sure why she was out there, I had never seen her more than a few feet from the front door. She was only here for a few months but they were happy months. In fact she spent all day this past friday in the house sleeping in my bed.
Its very sad to loose one even one you had not had for long and had not intended on keeping ...

Friday, July 6, 2012

Strip-y Cuteness

These were taken with my phone and this morning I was smart enough to figure out how to get the picutes on my phone to my computer .. so here is some Friday cuteness overload

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stripey has a home

Stripe-y AKA - short stack ... Mama Moo's last baby to get a home ... has one .. MINE :-)

She is super sweet and a very needy little kitty. Shes very small and I mean really little but she loves to be loved and near her peoples.

I have had her 3 homes ... the first was with an older couple that had put their beloved doggie of 16 years down last fall. when the day came for them to get her they just couldnet .. they were not ready. I can understand that .. and I never want to force a baby on someone that isnt going to give it what it needs and she needs LOTS of attention.
The second home was one where the new mom really wanted her but the husband didnt and she was trying to convince him .. again not the best of situations.
The third home, I thought was a go ... then the girl never showed up to meet me and hasnt returned a call or text ... her loss cause this baby is adorable.