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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Friends ...

Our Friends mom Michele sent us this today and writes the following ...

Thought you might enjoy a pic of Freckles and Steve.  They normally don’t hang out this close to each other, but what happened was that Freckles had been in that little bed for a long time, but when she got up to follow me into the kitchen, Steve got in there.  So when she went back and saw him there (her expression was all like, what the heck dude?), she just laid down in the floor right by him.  He wasn’t too impressed with her being right there, but he stayed.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day after Christmas

Hard to believe that Christmas was just yesterday ...

Hiya effurybudy Moosie here - mama got up sicks this morning she was coughing and cold, had body aches and not feeling good at all she sent an e-mail to works that she was sicko and going back to bed. So I gathered the troops and we all snuggled in to get mama warms and took a BIG nap! Ice hitting the windows woke us up after 11 .. mama never sleeps that late (however she had been up and made sure to feed us all before going back to bed(good mama)) - she says shes feeling some better. she did get the sheets in the wash and she took a shower and made some hot tea. Im holding her down on the sofa now and shes resting ... Love and take care of your humans sometimes they need it

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Ive been getting some spam junk in my comments ... so Im working on changing some settings

We have had a good christmas. I filled the bird feeders last night and woke hearing the kitties chirping at all the birdies. Its about 50 degrees here in so the kitties are outside playing. Stripey and Brooke were being taunted by a squirrel ... was so much fun to watch!

Shon got me some neosporen (ha ha) for all the cuts and scrapes I get and a new fondu pot - I use it to make candy and my other one had a broken arm/foot and was a pain to use ... now I have a NEW one.. yay!

Hope you all got all you wanted / needed / deserved! Merry Christmas

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas effury budy!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Deer Santy - Love Stripey

Deer Santy Paws –

I never met you before, I don’t know you … but I thinks I might like you … will you let me sit in your lap an take a nappy – I like laps .. well my mamas lap she is my favorite person ever. So santy Ive been a good kitty, Ive been climbing the chrissymouse tree – I climb the trees outside so it was really nice of mom to put one in the house for me – I mostly like it .. mostly until I got stucks in it and the lights hurted my little leg– I thought  there were some birdies in it but it was really just lights and umm well I gave dady and momy the bitieeeee so please forgive me for that as I was hurtie and didnt really mean to but it hurted.

For chrissymouse I would like .. hum well – I want to lay on my mama all day – I like to play but if shes available that would be bestest. She spends lots of time with us so maybe some extra vacation days for her would be good so she could spend more time with us ...

Id like a new tree for the house without lights that will get me ... umm ... I like soft blankies and cuddly beds. Oh an my mama is sick Id like her to feel betters -

Ill stay up waiting on you – id like to meet you

Love Stripe-y

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Sending love to my friends over at http://juniorbabee.blogspot.com/

Junior, you were very loved sweet boy, look for my Scotchy you boys can be friends.
Orion & Sammy love your mom shes going to need it .... purrs to you for missing your brothers

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday Morning Update

Stripey was fairly pittiful last night and just wanted me to hold her this morning - shes taking 1/4 tab of tramedol for pain - I think she took it ... I couldent find it but ... one never knows with a kitteh - she was slobbering so Ill assume she took it ... not really even sure she needed it but I dont want her to hurt.

My thumb is bruising up - I believe this to be a good thing, she bit me mostly near, around or on the nail my thumb really looks like I wacked it with a large hammer .. the other side of the hand is fairly swollen - obviously typing makes it worse. the other hand is good and the fore arm is tender just because of where it is but not really red.

Shons toes seem to be ok he is taking extra care with them and his hand is fine. We both washed our wounds well last night, peroxided them and put neosporen on them.

Mama is taking her meds very well and eating well. While she is getting to the box she is poohing before she gets her litter moved just the way she wants it. We are up to milkshake consistency now with no smell so I take that as improvement.

Last evening there was a kitty on the porch - he looks just like Stripey however he is MUCH larger - he was hungry so he ate - he is scared of opossums and not looking for fights - he let me talk to him but does not want me to get close. I will try to get a picture of this boy this evening if I can.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Stripey and the Christmas Tree

UPDATE - We is ok ... picked Stripey up from the vet - she is favoring her leg but seems ok - Shons toes are ok, he has been cleaning them and putting medicine on them - my wounds are ok, hurty but less swollen and look ok - I have cleaned up most of the blood that was splattered all over the floors and lil Miss Stripey is laying in my lap ...
It could and would only happen at our house. Let me start off by saying you are more than welcome to laugh, giggle and find the following funny - although it is completly TRUE!

Today is Monday 12/17/12 - This morning at approximately midnight thirty (12:30 am) Stripey got stuck and I mean litterally stuck in the christmas tree. Shon was still up and heard the ruckus and went to help. Her right little back foot was tied up in the christmas lights against the center pole of the pre-lit tree. Shon laid the tree down thinking that woul take the pressure off of her to help her get free but all it did was give her the opportunity to bite his toes. She bit 4 of 5 toes on his right foot.

At the kitteh screaming and shon begging her to calm I came running in just in time to see the foot biting happening. First thing I did was unplug the tree ... then I went to hold her down and she bit my left thumb - she ends up biting it several times as I have about 12 puncture marks on it, she also bit near the large knucke of my pinkie on the left hand so my whole hand is pretty well swollen, the middle 3 fingers work pretty well but still hurt. So I grabbed her with the other hand that she also bit, at the base of the thumb and on my forearm ... mean while we completly tear the tree apart and have to use scissors to cut the lights from around her foot. Once she was free I took her to the bathroom so she can calm, all the other kitties ran and hid.

I rinsed my wounds to be sure I didnt need a Dr. .. looked at Shons foot for the same reasons - after we decided we were ok the tree was tossed out into the yard. Shon went to check Stripey and she growled at him and was going to smack him. I went to look at her and she let me touch her - when I was satisfied that she could put some weight on it we decided to wait until morning to take her to the vet.

This morning I took her to my wonderful vets office. They called me a bit ago - no breaks, no fractures, but very swollen and sore and some tissue damage. Shes getting a shot, possible antibotic shot as she did have a slight fever but they think its from the trauma and some pain pills.

Needless to say we will not be having a tree in the house for a while.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Deer Santy Love Bean

Deer Santy - Bean writing here to tell you that I have been a very ...err umm mostly kinda good kitty this year - most of the time ... usually  
For crissymouse I would like some cleaner for mom since I sometimes p in the floor
I like the crunnchies she fees us so some of thoes would be ok
I would like to feel better - my tummy hurts and Im stinky alot

Mostly Santy I would like all kitties and doggies to have furever homes - I think thats all ...

we will be looking for you ... oh and temptations ... i like thoes

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thank you

Thank you friends for all your purrs and headbumps - we greatly appreciate them!

Its hard losing a baby and Scotchy was truly a big baby. He love to just lay on you or near you and touch ... now we know why, when he laid still he could breathe when he exerted too much energy it was hard for him.

Even when you have 14 losing 1 is still SO hard. They are all so different - together they make the whole pie take out a piece and you have a hole.

We are still sad but moving forward... ..

Mama Cats prednizone came Thursday night - she fights me about taking it so far Ive been winning .. today she will get some fluids. She has been eating pretty good but I dont feel that the intake is making up for the output.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Scotch 2007-2012

It is with great sadness that I type this post ... we (Shon and I) just got home from Virginia Tech Hospital of Veternary Medicine - Scotchy has gone to the bridge - today has been a rough day.

The short version is that the echo showed the lining of his heart thickened causing his breathing difficulity along with the diabeties he could not be treated to being stable to come home. If it had just been the heart he would have had maybe another year with medications. If it had just been diabeties he would have been on insulin for the rest of his life. With it being both and the treatments being opposite there was no hope. He went very peacefully - trying to purr the whole time.

update - we is sad ...

Scotchy update - bad

Scotch has lost 2.5 pounds - he is slightly dehydrated and ... he is Diabetic - his sugar was 395 he also has pancreatitis

Gets worse … his o2 levels are at 82 – they are waiting on a chest x-ray and hoping for pneumonia – otherwise he may need the oxygen chamber at vt … he could have heart disease or an embolism or a clot … hes not well … he may not live


I am a BIG Man cat
I havent been feeling well
I have been drinking lots of water and hanging out in the bathroom
My momy and dady loves me so I purr big for them
Im a big ol teddy bear
Grandma calls me Brutus but Im not a meanie

Momy texted the vet last night that I needed to come in - she called this morning and Dady took me by they think I am so sweet and loving and just a rag doll as I will let them do whatever to me and I just lay there

Vet lady called Momy and said
Scotch has lost 2.5 pounds - he is slightly dehydrated and ... he is Diabetic - his sugar was 395 he also has pancreatitis - this means the pancreas is inflamed.
Lee (the vet) thinks we are at the beginning of the disease
she is not happy with the way he is breathing and will be taking an x-ray of his chest

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Not so wordless Wednesday

Last night before bed mama asked for more food - I gave her 1/4th of a can of wet food - then put her back in her bed, I got ready for bed then gave her her medicine, which she took without a fuss.

This morning I woke at 4AM to the sound of someone throwing up - I dont have human babies, my kitties are my babies so from what I understand this is the mother instinct coming out that one of the kids are sick. I got up - uuggghhh 4 ... never did find the throw-up and I dont know who did it but when I got to the kitchen Mama came running from the laundry room with her tail up, wide eyed asking for breakfast - SO I fed her. And she ate! 1/2 a can with extra water - lots of extra water which makes me happy!

I had planned to get up early in case she had accidnets around the house from all the food she ate, no accidents, she made it to the box! Still very thin but looked like she only went once during the night. Since the vet shaved her butt, legs and part of her tail shes not cleaning so much which means shes resting. :) At about 420 the morning chores were done and I was going to nap on the sofa until time to get up at 630. Shon came down the hall and announced that he was awake and didnt think he could go back to sleep - So we took our showers, got ready for work and went to breakfast together at 530am .. Denny's was pretty much the only place open at such an hour. I got here to work at 715 after a quick trip to the store for some eye solution and holiday candy for my bowl at work.  Ah well .. .early day will be an early night - just happy that Mama cat is eating and for now seems to feel better! Oh she definately smells better too!!!

On another note Scotch has been acting like he dosnt feel well - I gave him some amoxicillin last night and this morning, his appetite has returned so as long as this is working he will not have to go to the vet - if hes not better in a few days he will go in - Im thinking its just a little cold or something.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How about another

We are home, special liquid meds are ordered .. mama could not wait to get out of the carrier, ran right to the food bowl and gobbled down ... i made her some wet food - 1/2 a can with extra water she would not eat it till I put it back in the can ... shes still eating ... yay!

2 hours later ... shes not pooping :) yay! shes laying in her bed resting AND she took her medicine without fighting me ... happy happy! :)

another Tuesday update

She can go home - shes is still to get fluids daily and the other antibotic - they have found some liquid steriods - they have done soemthing about the teeth to make her more comfortable, willing to eat and willing to take the meds .... :)

Tuesday - Update

Just got off the phone with Dr. DeRolf - Mama has a fever today 103.1 - right side of her mouth is inflamed and irritated and the upper right canine has broken off at the gum line making her mouth very sore. He is going to give her something to make her sleepy so he can give her some relief from the mouth pain in hopes that will make her eat more. He is leaining toward the inflamitory bowel disease and we are starting her on prednisone - the steriod should help with the loose bowels. He also felt some enlarged lymphnodes but thought that could be because hes is so small that he could just feel them better - if by chance it is some type of lymphoma the steriods will help that as well.

Purr people and pets purr ..


Eye is much better - got the good drops called in :)

Mama is hanging out at the vets today - she ate again this morning pretty good, shes liking eating out of the can ... I dont care just seems odd to me ... she wasnt happy about having to go to the vets but .. she went and shes there - they said it could be 2 or after before they call me.

Monday, December 10, 2012

mama again

I came home early today due to an eye infection - been getting some things done around the house, really shouldnet be on the PC because it "stresses" the eye .. ha ha whatever I just had to share that Mama was interested in my lunch, macaroni and cheese and she wanted some crunchies. Then she MADE me let her outside and she is currently sitting on the porch banister in a sun-beam. its upper 50's here today and rainey ... Ill get her in before dark.
I think shes feeling better!

Mama Cat Monday

I am happy to report that Mama ate just about 1/2 a can of wet food this morning - while she would not eat it off a plate she would eat it out of the can ... whatever! As long as shes eating!! She drank some water this morning too and while she fights me for the most part about her medicine she did take it, she does not like me putting the thing in her mouth. She needs a bath something terrible cause she just smells bad but Im not going to subject her to that until later this week or this weekend. Overall I think shes feeling better - she goes back to the vet tomorrow for the day.

Bean seems to be ok from his fall over the bed :)

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Its been an interesting day - woke up early to a kitty making throw-up sounds was Bean on my head I moved out of the way and he threw-up on the bed beside me, now the next events are kinda foggy as it was 4AM .. Bean went head first over the bed - between the bed and the wall and got stuck with his back legs up in the air needless to say he started yowling - not knowing exactly what to do I pushed him down as he was closer to the floor than on the bed - he hid under the bed for a long while - I cleaned up the mess best I could and tried to go back to sleep.
At 7 I was up feeding, cleaning boxes and getting ready had to meet a dog run at 9 - drove to Lexington and got home just after 12.
Mama DEMANDED to go out ... so I let her out - its nice outside and she really wanted to go - she came in a bit ago, ate some crunchies, took her medicine and is now taking a bath on theheating pad on the recliner I dont believe that she needs fluids today and since shes been in she hasnt had an accident tho she still really smells bad.
Currently Im watching football holding Moose and Brooke is taking a bath beside me. She is very noisy in her bath taking - sounds like a large dog.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Nite time Mama update

She got some fluids ... she licked the juice from the wet food ... shes eaten a few crunchies ... shes pooed all over the floor because she cant seem to hold it ... shes layed in the cat bed, on the recliner that has the heating pad for her, on the dryer, hot water heater, kitchen table and is currently on the other laptop ... I have washed all the towels, litterboxes, moped the floor cleaned the bathroom vaccumed and cleaned the sofas .. you name it ... gave her medicine and all she wants is to go outside ... sheesh!
thank you for the purrs ... i think shes feeling better but I dont know ...

Mid-Day update on Mama

Vet called they rushed her blood work and everything came back normal so they are thinking she has intestinal problems - for now we are treating the symptoms - antibotics, fluids if needed and pro-biotics ... she goes back to the vet to hang out on Tuesday :) She has been wanting to go out, its about 70 degrees here, VERY unusual for our area in December, I told her no but she managed to get out through the screen for about 20 minutes, brought her back in, she ate a few crunchies and is now taking a nap. My sister is coming by this evening to help me give her some fluids - I dont think she really "needs" them right now but I also dont think it will hurt her to have some. Shes not eating much. She is moving about, she is scratchin the scratch box, she is meowing at me and she still stinks. Ive only seen her in the box 2 times today.

Saturday morning Mama update

Mama came home yesterday evening - she was full of her tortie self :)
She came home with oral meds (which she does NOT like to take) and fluids which I have not had to give her any yet - she also got a shot of antibotics while she was there. She is mouthy like normal and while shes not moving about as much she is active and she STINKS!

AS soon as we got here out she was and right to the food bowl - she is very interested in eating but not much at a time. Shes has eaten some dry food and mainly licks the juice off the wet food. She did "ask" for wet this morning although she didnt really eat that much.

She has taken up in the recliner - where I have put extra towels and a heating pad for her. Not sure what they washed her with buts its very anticeptic medicine clean stinky smelling. It is suppose to be a nice day here in Virgina - I see most of the kitties going out to play today and while they are out I believe there will be some cleaning with bleach and washing of lots of laundry.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Mama Update - Not Good - Not Good

Vet called me ... not a good sign to begin with ... Mama is down in weight to 5.4lbs from 7lbs. Lee(the vet) said she could feel an obstruction 2" x 1" that is mis-shapen ... its in the area of the right kidney, it is possible that is is the right kidney whiich would be better than a bowel obstruction in that area as it would be non-operable. they are doing an x-ray now ....

2nd UPDATE - The abnormal mass was in fact the kidney - however her kidneys are functioning normally - Lee is very concerned about the weight loss - has given fluids and will give more and is sending her home with some as well. The x-ray also showed she Mama had been shot at some point in her life. Ive only had her for about 3 years and they thought she was about 8 years old then. I really extremely DIS-like people sometimes. Her poo is currently yellow/red with some white in it - the points Lee to cancer although she cant immediately find cancer. For right now - we are going to treat the symptoms she has to make her more comfortable and doo blood tests to see if something comes back to show cancer or soemthing else that can be treated.

Mama Cat

 Mama Cat has not been feeling well the last few days - she has been having bouts of diarrhea - she ate a little last night but not much so she is at the Vets getting checked out. I think shes a little dehydrated too. But Im sure they will take good care of her today. Funny how kitties are all moping around until you put them in the box to go to the vet - then they get all mouthy :)

I will call after lunch to see how she is doing and give an update.

Bean is feeling MUCH better, he is sleeping on my pillow again.

Moose is feeling MUCH better as well and slept under the covers last night.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I was sleeping on the back bed on top of the huge fluffy dog bed when ma came in - she was getting dressed for work and her clothes hang in that closet. She asked how I was feeling and rubbed me some and squeezed my bellah which I didnt like ... she went out and in and in and out and I was dozing peacefully.

THEN --- she came in and picked me up - GAAHH she dosnt DO that ... I dont like THAT ... what was she doing. I have to admit I let out a squeek .. horrifying!

She took me to the BOX ... I cried NOOOooo in protest - after all Stripey was in there couldent she go, ma made her come out and she shoved me in ... horrid!

I gave her some big bad lip the whole way down the road - how DARE she, this is NOT what I had planned for today. We go there, she got the box out with me in it, I have to tell you she could have been a bit more gentle .. when we got in she opened the door and I came on out to say HI to everyone - how exciting people .. .

So I was carried to the back like a sack of taters - Ma said for me to be a good boy and they might give me a treat ... I like treats!

From Ma - So ... Bean has tape worms ... they checked him over good - and thats all they could find, so his treats today are worm pills :) poor boy! He should have gotten thoes about 30 minutes or so ago so things should be on their way of working out. Im just glad it wasnt anything too serious. im sure he will let me know all about when I pick him up this evening.

Monday, December 3, 2012

in the morning

In the morning I - ButterBean am being dropped off at the vets office for a day of pampering ... or at least thats what ma told me ...

The Truth ... the truth is Bean hasnt been acting himslef the last few days - third eyelid is showing, he is very stinky and gassy and his bellah is hard. He has been eating some but I havent seen him in the box SO he will be going on a short little day trip - get some attention from the peeps at vets and they will see if they can find something wrong with him. I hope hes ok but better safe than him be hurting ..