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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Mr Spike spent yesterday at the vets ... he was sedated so that his paws could be shaved and he needed several stitches. he got the antibotic shot and the vet thought he "had been mixing it up" the wounds to his paws, shoulder and ear were from fighting. While he was there he got lots of loves, hugs, kisses. He gave head bumps, purrs and snuggles. He will be staying on the sunroom for a few days and we will see about intagration into the household. When the others are outside he likes to chase them so Im not sure how him coming in will go but we will try. He is eating, drinking, going to the box, sleeping, getting plenty of love and he is safe.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Spikie at the Vet!

Sunday morning Spike was sleeping good in his bed on the porch - it was wet out so I let him sleep
Later when I saw him he was limping

I dont want you to take my picture

Both of his front paws are hurt and one of his back feet too

Hello there ... :)
Rub my tummy ....


He let me look at his feet .. he was walking around .. slowly and with limps but up and moving
I rubed him good and found no open wounds and he purred the whole time
I put him in the sunroom so he would be safe but not feel as confined
I called the vets office yesterday morning and one of the vets there had been in a horse accident - broke her fibia and tibia and was in surgery so they only had one vet - I did not feel like Spike needed to go to the ER Vet so we got him in this morning. I dropped him off at 8 and they will check him out today and let me know what is up with his paws - he has been eating, drinking and going to the box.

Spike would LOVE to be an indoor kitty

Monday, July 29, 2013

New Toys

Mama went to the farmers market this morning
and brought back these

they are filled with stuffing and fresh CAT NIP

Watermelon giving it the bitie and the kick

Bean being frisky

All the kitties have played and played ...

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

More about Mama

So a little more about Mama - the blood work that was done checked her kidney function and was on the low side of normal which is great! Checked her liver function, again on the low side of normal = Great! It checked a few other things that were all in the normal range but they arent as important as kidney and liver.

So the plan ... mama will stay on the appetite pills until I am out of them - we have about 4 more days worth if I give her 1/2 a pill 2 times a day - shes so small that Im thinking 1/2 a pill once a day might be enough.

She will get 100mL of fluids today and tomorrow and should be good - but will keep a watch. I have fluids at home and can give her these myself so that she does not have to go to the vets to do it.

She got the convenia antibotic shot - she responds well to that and its easier on her and I both not having to give her meds everyday. The vet saw her straining in the litter box like I had and it is believed that she most likely has a uniary tract infection or something of the sort. That could make her tired, not want to eat and cause a temperature.

Shon and I are going to be out of town this weekend but when we come back she will be going back on the prednisone - I had weined her off of it back beginning of May and her litterbox has been good since. However it seems that with her intestinal issues she may needs this to keep her from having flair ups like this one.

Last night I picked up a roasted chicken from the grocery store - she ate it like it was going to run away :) I didnt give her too much as I didnt want her to throw it up but she had plenty. She had some this morning as well. Last night she slept in the bed beside Shon for most of the night. Thankfully I think she is feeling better already. Now we just gotta get a couple of pounds back on her.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Mama Cat Update

Sorry for the late update ... All Mamas blood work came back GREAT! She got fluids and antibiotics and has been EATING :)

Mama Cat

Mama Cat went to the vet this morning - Vet just called Today mama weighs 5.9 pounds … back in may she was 7.1 – shes lost 1.2 lbs in 2 months … bad bad bad mamas temp is 104, she is hot hot - so some kind of infection going on – shes getting the antibiotic shot she is dehydrated – shes getting fluids they are going to do an inhouse blood panel – checks the kidneys and liver and a few other things her lower right gum is inflamed, this is where she had issues before and all those teeth are already gone so not sure what causing the inflammation but the antibiotic shot should help that too They are giving her the fluids and antibiotics now … and when I get there at 530 if she needs more fluids they will give her more

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mama Cat needs purrs

Mama cat hasn't been eating well the last few days - I stopped at the vets on Friday and got her some pulls to help stimulate eating ... so far it hasn't helped ... she is unsteady on her feet, not wanting to move around much and has been trying to hide, we have been doing what we can to keep her on the sunroom with us or in her room. She will be getting fluids here in a bit and another pill for dinner - most likely shes going to the vet in the morning to see whats happening.

She has been doing so well ...

Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy 4th of July .... or not

Pretty .... pretty scary!

While we live no where even close to town to see something like this (and we are glad) there were more than enough booms and pops and all that for our liking ....
Momy stayed home with us dady was at the fire station running calls
Momy closed all the doors even the one out to the sunroom so it would be somewhat quieter
and she talked to us - Brooke went running and hiding from the living room first
Eye, Scooter, Boo and Tiny were already hiding
So momy went to bed so we would come snuggle with her and feel safer

It has been raining A LOT here in Virginia
we are pretty soaked and squishy

Hope you had a good 4th of July - we are glad its over

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

ButterBean Remembers

Thats right folks its MY turn ... ButterBean here :) - Happy Wednesday to you all - hope you have a safe and fun 4th of July

My birthday was Saturday June 29th ... I too turned 9

I was borned to a solid white kitty ... and of the babies I was the only one that lived. The people kept me, they had a daughter she was 14 and she liked me but the mans of the house he was mean - I was locked in the basement most of the time - I was sad ... then one day the lady left the mean man and took the girl too who wanted to take ME! YAY ... except they had no place for me - they didnt even have a place for them so they called my now Momy who said she would keep me for them for a while. The mean man he threatened momy and called her bad names - he wanted me so he could send parts to the lady, I havent figured out how that would have been possible and momy tells me not to think about it - so I dont - its scaridy - he was really mean.
Anyway - momy stood up to the mean man .... the lady and the girl came to visit a time or too but in the end momy told them they couldent have me ... Boo and I had bonded quickly - I had always been alone and then I had momy and I had windows and I had all the foods I could eat .. then I had Boo and we were instant buddies!
on momys 25th birthday when I was 2 I had to have a PU because I had crystals and kept blocking - she was so worried. But that has been almost 7 years ago and I am doing great!
At my heaviest i was 27 pounds ... that was when I had that surgery - now I am 21 pounds and the vets say Im healthy - I am a BIG boy - I like Boo have blue eyes - going outside is ok but I would rather lay on the sofa. I like babies ... all babies ... momy is my favorite person :) Ive been with her just over 8 years.

So Happy Birthday to me - 9 :)

After my surgery I had to wear a cone ... I was in the hospital a total of 3 weeks before during and after surgery - momy would let me have naked time in the evenings as long as I would lay on her - I had no problems iwth that

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

BooBoo Remembers

So Luckys birthday was the 23rd ... MINE was the 26th :) And I turned 9

I was the Second kitty momy rescued - less than a month after the first - ButterBean

I had been living with my person - was the kitten of his kitty he had when he lived at home - I was his best friend .. then his work took him out of town and his roomate was mean to me - when he figured this out he started looking for another place to live but didnt want to leave me home with the mean roomate so he started looking for a place for me to go for a while so he could find us another home ... Momy said she would take me for a while ... after 6 months she told him he couldent have me back ..

Ive been with momy for just over 8 years

Im a good boy - Im big and fluffy
I like pets and I grunt when attention is not being given to me
I like sun puddles
Dady is my favorite person
I like to go outside but I dont come back well and momy worries
Im allergic to fleas

And Im 9

Monday, July 1, 2013

Lucky Remembers

long ago and far back in my memory I was just a weeee lil baby kitten .... with a broken hip, thrown out by the river, left to die ... until my momy heard me screaming (which I sometimes still do) and saved me ...

She held me and Bean stayed close by

My leg hurted REAL bad

The next morning I went to the vets and they fixed-ed it :)

Thats my favorite mousie ever ... Ive hidden it so well I cant even find it

My favorite person is my dady ... and my favorite place to sleep is in the recliner .. HEY why is there no pictures of me and dady and the recliner???
Ah well ... Im 7 now :) I like to go outside and play but I stay close to home and momy watches too

Happy Birthday to me