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Friday, January 3, 2014

BooBoo Update

Boo had 10 teeth extracted yesterday. Vet told me not to be alarmed if he did not eat for a day or so that she had given him enough fluids etc to sustain him for 24-36 hours. We got home he came out sniffed around .. walked room to room looking and sniffing. We just left him alone. Late about 930 I took him in a room by himslef adn gave him a can just to see if he would lick the juice or somehting .. he ATE the WHOLE thing no hesitation. Not gobbling like he was starved but ate like he was hungry. Makes me wonder how much pain he was in prior to having his teeth pulled. This morning I gave him a can and again he ate. Will do this for the next several days and slowly add in some dry on the bottom. He was purring big last night and this morning, asking for pets and giving head bumpies.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year friends!

Today is 1/2/14 ... BooBoo is at the vet getting his teeth cleaned .. he has lost some weight and it is obvious his mouth is sore - they just called and he has stomatitis and many cavities that need to be pulled - going to be a long morning and few days but he should be feeling MUCH better very soon once all the nasty toofies are gone.

Everyone else seems to be well and good. Lots of playing and napping happening. Hope you all had a great new year we are hoping for a wonderful 2014