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Friday, December 31, 2010


We hopes you all have a furry happy new year!

We have all been left inside this evening with our kibbles .... very sad

Momy and Dady will be at the Fire Station tonight hanging out, running calls and eating some yummie things with out us.

Please friends be safe out there :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wordless Wedding Wednesday

Thats MOMY!

Lucky here with just a few words:
Momy forgot that she never actually posted any wedding pictures so here are a few.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow and more Snow

We have SNOW ... pleanty of snow. Now so far we do not have as much as we did last year but we haven plenty and temperatures that are super low. Oh and wind ... did I mention Wind ... wind to the point that the kitties are not allowed outside out of fear that they will blow away.

We had a good Christmas - it was quiet and simple and nice. The cats played with their toys and enjoyed some nip. They napped and laid on us and watched tv. I have pictures :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The day After Christmas

The presents had been opened and played with all night
Dad stepped on one giving quite a fright

Twas the day after Christmas and all in the house
Were napping and sleeping on every couch

Dreams of more ribbons, feathers and nip
Caused whickers to twitch and kitties to flip

Temptations and toys strewn about everywhere
Kitties lounging and lazing with out a care

Christmas was great we Purred and we Ate
Now we must wait for Christmas – don’t be late

We got SNOWs for Christmas .... lots of Snows
We got lots of toys and snuggles and hugs and kisses

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas Eve

Hello to all fur friends and non-fur friends - this is NOT the post I had in mind yesterday when I was thinking about what to write however the events of last evening are too good to wait ... oh I wish I had pictures to show you but once you read what I have to tell you - you may be glad that there are no pictures.

You see my kitties have been BAD ... yes thats right ... BAD ... very very BAD

Was the eve of christmas eve and all through the house all you could smell was pecan pie :) I was baking pies to give for Christmas when I hear that sound all pet parents know that sound ... the uurp ggrruuurrpp uurpp sound right before the kitty pukes all over the new rug .... ha yes well I heard that sound and then I heard "No, LUCKY not on the RUG" and see Shon moving Lucky from the rug as he is barfing .... HA .. then surprised Shon says "he didnt puke on the rug" Well no, no he didnt however Lucky did take off in a sprint and managed to barf all over the rest of the house. All over the kitchen floor, down the hallway and in the extra bed room. Half a roll of paper towels later ... and the swiffer it was all clean and Lucky was whineing to be held as OBVIOUSLY he did not feel well.

So I contunied to bake my pies and Shon sat and held Lucky - of course Moosie needed to be close as well and he wanted to annoy Lucky becuase that is what he does so he laid on the sofa as well. So I thought this was the main event for the night ... ah but no .... I ran out of syrup ... so I could only make half the pies I had wanted to ... the store is about 30 minutes away as we live "out" so I deceided that I would have time to make them tonight and would get the syrup while out since I am working today. YAY!

Pies have come out of the oven and they are beautiful! I do make very pretty pies and I hear they are very tastie - I dont eat them - I just make them and since Im making more tonight I will take pictures of them and will post.

SO ... pies are out and Im sitting on the sofa with Bean and I notice that Scooter is being more odd than usual. As a reminder - Scooter is the cat that I found drounding in the lake and since becoming an adult will not willingly let you look at him much less touch him, he likes to lick plastic bags and is just a very strange cat. So he is int he kitchen being him and he has something in his mouth .. and hes pawing at it like its stuck so I say no no no you cant have that and I go toward him and he skurries ... Shon shuts all the doors in the house so he cant hide and in the process of him running to get away he PEEEsss on EVERYTHING and I do mean everything ... on the floor, on the walls, on a mirror on the wall and all over Shon who never actually touches him - FINALLY we get him and he has eaten half a dryer sheet ... now ... to some this may be odd to me its VERY strange since I dont use dryer sheets ... not sure where he got it but he did and he ate half of it ... This whole chasing and trying to grab and him Peeing everywhere scared poor little Tiny to no ends. He hid for over an hour after the ordeal had finished and when he did come out he was completly fluffed and walked ever so slowely ... poor little guy - he is a scairty one. Luckly Im friends with my vet on facebook - and I told her about and she was like humm never experienced this one - just watch him and if you need to we will be open tomorrow (meaning today) until 12.

SO this AM I am pleased to report that Scooter is alive and still being his normal odd self. However in the process of checking him out - from afar - I see that there is droplets of blood all over my floor ... humm ... then I see that Beans ear has been torn apart .. Oh My ... so Bean and I go to the bathroom and I attempt to wash his ear, which he is NOT pleased with but he gets through it ... and then I put some neosporen + pain on it and he seems fairly happy but not really. So Bean has his ear shredded (I need to take pics) and we heard nothing of it in the night. Not a peep ...

As it seems that most if not all my fur babies have been bad they may not get to see Santa this year ... HA yeah right ... Hope your babies have been good and get lots of toys and treats for Christmas. We may be getting more snow here in Virginia - hope your warm and full.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Where have I been

Oh its been a long and COLD month .... with snow and wind and ice ... However Santy Paws is coming :) And we have been GOOD ...