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Thursday, January 31, 2013

About that "New Kitty"

That was a new stinky kitty ... that skunk was one that I had not seen before. It is much smaller than the 2 that regulary visit. I do not set my trap during the night for fear of catching one - if I do trap at night I put a blanket or something over the trap so that if a skunk is caught I am less likely to be sprayed - if I were to catch one I would take the lil critter out to the field and open the door to let it go, I have not caught one but have caught many cats and a few opossums :)
That lil skunky ate its dinner and was gone in less than 20 minutes - the bigger one likes to hang around for a while.

We have flooding here in VA - Im stuck on my muntain for a while. No chance of the water reaching my house but I cant get to the road that leads to work - ah well ... good excuse to take a nap with the kitties.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Kitty


Saturday, January 26, 2013


its 40 here today and the snow is melting ... Tiny, Brooke, Stripey, Face, Princess, Watermelon, and Lucky are all out playing .. they wont get near the snow .. its quite funny .. Mama went out for a but but has come in and found a comfy spot on top her Dady in the recliner for a nap :)

There was a cat show today and we went - had never been to a cat show before it was interesting .. I dont know that I could or would but one of my furbabies through that ... seeems so stressful yet none of the kitties acted stressed .. ah well .. went - saw - came home

have a wonderful day friends

Friday, January 25, 2013


Snow is yuck!
we got about 3-4 inches today ... mom came home early from work - took a nap with us and now is taking pictures of us ... so she will have pics to post next week

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Last night and Mama update

Last night Mama got out the sucky monster ...

I however did not care ... she did flick me in the ear tho and that got me goin ... we played and played - I was gentle with her ... hee hee hee

Stripey was not concerned either .. she crawled under the blanket on the sofa beside the cord and just watched all the non-sense mama was doing .. she was dancing and actin a fool

Stripey totally NOT caring

And then there is Mama Cat - chillin in the other room where she eats. Mom had a phone conversation with the vet and they have upped Mamas meds back to 2 times a day - vet wanted her to get 1 ml twice but since shes only been getting .5 ml once a day Mom didnt want to make her mads so shes getting .7 ml twice a day - moms going to try to squeeze a 3rd dose in there to get her up to 2 ml for the day .. otherwise Mama cat is eating, drinking and has been chasing her tail some :) all good things - litterbox is better but not where she needs to be at this point

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sniffs and Cold

Smokey sniffed at the trap ... and walked away ...

Mama didnt leave the trap set all night as she didnt want a kitty to get trapped and it being so cold get cold - shes only going to set the trap when she can watch it so this evening she will set it till bed time. It is SO cold here the high today is suppose to be 23 and with the wind its super cold. Stay warm friends

Monday, January 21, 2013


The trap has been set ... and there have been no visitors ... BUT the trap is set ... waiting ... hoping for a fat kitty :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

VISITORS Spike and Smokey

Update 3pm saw Spike on the porch went out and talked to him, he stopped about 20 feet from me and hissed ... turned and walked on ... huh !

We have been having a kitty visitor ... mama got some pictures of him today - this is the 5th or 6th time shes seen him in the past month... he goes out to grandmeows too - his name is Spike

Smokey is our other visitor - he has been around for a while but lately he dosnt run as far or as fast. We think he has had some kind of trauma as his head seems to be on crooked and he is either deaf or hard of hearing.
we should add that Mama is going to try to trap them starting tonight - she hopes he will catch a kitty or an opossum would be ok but not a skunk .. we dont want to trap a skunk that would be bad
Have been in contact witht he vets to make sure they are open tomorrow if we catch one and that a neuter could be done on the fly if needed
blogger is being stupid ...
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Friday, January 18, 2013


Fur Friends ... we gots SNOWs .... like 10 inches ... WOW

Mama came home earlies, took her over an hour to get home - Dady went to the fire station and ran calls all night - our power kept flickering so we went to bed early with mama like 830 it was pawsome! She will get some pictures this evening :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

CAUGHT - works this time

Mama and Lucky in the recliner
Lucky has always laid in the recliner - since Mama has been not feeling well she has been laying there, everytime she gets up he takes her spot
On this day they shared ... :)

Mama has been eating pretty well - it was nice here this weekend so she went out for several hours, she sat on the porch bannister the whole time but she was in the sun and it was 70 outside - fresh air apparently did her good as she woke me up climbing the curtians in the bedroom at 5am - she laid on the bed next to me until I got up at 530 - she has been more verbal lately too

She goes to the vet on Thursday for the day to hang out and be checked out

Friday, January 11, 2013


Or not ... I have a fun picture but blogger wont let me load .. so you have to wait ...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mama Cat update

Ive been worried about my lil Mama Cat .. Ive been in constant contact with the vets - we are friends on Facebook ... and we text some (its good to be close but wow) so .. here is what I have found - please note that she has not been back to the vets yet ... and this is all things that I have found and research I have done and I really hope that I am wrong ...

So Ive been doing some research …. I think Mama Cat has lymphoma

Dr D had said that she had some enlarged lymphnodes – the diarrhea is a little better, 1 or 2 times a day, thick milk shake consistency but shes very boney, anorexic looking – shes eating semi well but … shes still getting the pred 1 time a day now .. shes going to spend the day at the vets end of next week – that will be 3 weeks on the pred 2 times a day and almost 2 weeks on it 1 time a day. She likes the kitten dry food and shes eating about ½ can to a can of cat food. Ive been reading the lymphoma  site and shes got all the symptoms. Shes not well … but dosnt seem to really be in pain – she does hunch or sit like a bread a lot which some say is due to tummy pain … but I don’t know

Im looking at getting her a heated cat bed as I worry that shes cold - shes been liking going into the room where she eats by herslef and just sitting. She has never really liked to be around the other cats. She does ask for pets and ask to go outside some but not much anymore where she would stay out all day and all night if I would let her. She likes to lay on Shon. Shes gotten so skinny that Im half scared I will hurt her when I pick her up.

She will be taking a day trip to the vets next week for an evaluation - I know there isnt much that can be done I just dont want her to be in pain, and I dont that that she is .. .

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

oh my oh my oh my

Mammmmaaaa LOVES us .... WOOO

She says shes going to build us a SUN ROOM ... we dont really understand completly BUT there is SUN involved and we overheard her say something about LOTS of sniffies and whiffies and ... .aahhh ... we not sure when but we hopes soon ... or at least by the time its warms :)

From MA-
Back last summer we had a Drancho come through ... while we were only without power for 7-8 days we had minimal other damage. It was a small storm about a month after that which caused a fairly good sized poplar tree to land on the house and back porch destroying the porch for the most part. I had been wanting a new and bigger back porch but could not justify the NEED .. now with the one I had being mostly destroyed I can justify ... and might as well make it really nice so the kitties can enjoy and be safe. Therefore we are going to go look at some sunrooms and see what would work for our house. If all goes well I hope the room will be completed by spring.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Bad Boo Boo

We live out ... pretty far out .. we have nice fields and a pretty good distance to the closest neighbor. We have a nice front yard with trees and flower beds and bird feeders to play in and the back yard is a huge field. We have some buildings to play in and around and under. Several of us go outside typically only when the pawrents are home. WaterMelon goes out when he wants usually all day and comes in at night. Brooke, Tiny and Stripey go out when a pawrent is home or in the case of Sunday mom and dad knew they would only be gone a short while so they were out while they were gone. Lucky and Moosie ONLY go out when someone is there to watch them as they have no front claws.

Then there is Boo Boo ... for many many years ma would not let Boo go out - main reason is that he doesnt like to come back in - however he is allergic to fleas and not use to being out. He is a BIG boy with all his sharpies - he has long furs that can get matted ... Well back in the summer Boo did good - he would go out and he came back on his own and asked in - so Saturday dad let Boo out ... Mom said no but ... well ... that was fairly early 10-11 in the morning ... at 7pm when it started to sleet Boo was still Not in .. nor was he at 8 ... mom went looking for him ... no Boo ... she went to bed, dad was out with the fire department and go home at 12 ... he looked for Boo ... still no Boo ... FINALLY at 3am ... Boo came to the door ... Needless to say he was plum tuckered out on Sunday and didnt move from the bed most of the day - ma says Boo Boo is a Bad kitty ... and wont be going out anymore ...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all our friends! 2012 went out like a Lion for us ... we hope 2013 will be the Lamb and no more bad things will happen.

Momy has been sick since before Christmas. Bad sick ... started as a cold, turned into the flu and we think possibly penumonia ... shes mostly better now - she is going to work today and hopes it dosnt completly wipe her out as she hasnt been up for that long in DAYS ... we will miss her laying on the sofa with us and taking care of her but we is glad she is feeling better.

So HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all ... hope you are feeling well