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Friday, January 27, 2012

Mama Update

Called the vet yesterday to see about the antibotic shot that lasts 2 weeks ... the amount of time she needs to be on antibotics ... since she wont let us get close to her mouth or head for that matter. And I dont blame her as im sure she is in some discomfort but the vet assures me that shes in less pain now than she was before the extractions. SO .. the shot for her weight $48.30 and to not have to deal with a Mama cat I thought that was pretty good. The plan was go home, mix the liquid antibotic in the wet cat foods and see if she would eat it ... if not to the vet she would go (they are open til 7 on Thursdays) for a shot in the bum and no more fighting with the kitty ... welll do you think she would eat the food with the nasty in it ... HA HA NOOOOO ... and wouldent let me get near her with the bottle so off we went.

She got a shot called convenia ... and already she seems better. She was giving the vet kisses and head bumps while we were there. Last night after we got home she ate a whole can of food, took her an hour but she ate it all ... then before bed she ate a few treats, I say ate lightly I dont believe there was any chewing just lick and swallow ... she rested well last evening in the recliner with Shon ... and slept good last night - this morning she ate about half a can which was not as much as I would like but she is small ... so as long as shes eating it all once a day Ill be ok with that.

SO with the shot and the 9 extractions Mama costed right at $250 ... for the Mama Cat to be happy again ..Im ok with that :)

Also, Brooke the calico Shon found was spayed yesterday. She did very well! She slept in the bed last night and purred her little butt off all night. She ate ok ... but thats to be expected. Her incision looked good so I am pleased. I need to post pictures of her.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Last Thursday Mama Cat started meowing at us with her head turned and flicking her tongue and acting all funny like she was coughing and stuff. So we watched her and she was eating and what not .. well Sunday night she and Shon were chililn in the recliner and he gave her a piece of cheese well she cried out and jumped up and was using her paw to try to get it out … made her an appointment to get it checked out and she went yesterday … WELLLLLL when DeRolf (the Vet) got in there she had multiple large cavities and some extensive gum recession … he removed 2 lower left molars, 3 lower right molars and 4 upper right molars …. 9 teeth total … poor kitty … last night she as ok. Right side of her face is a little puffy and her eye is winkie and watery but other than that ... Fully awake and moving about but not wanting to be touched - I finally had to just grab her so that she could go in the bathroom to eat her wet foods. Took her about an hour to eat 1 can. Mostly licking and not much gobbling but she ate. Would NOT let me get near her with the antibotic ... this AM still no antibotic so Im going to try mixing it in with her wet foods tonight - if that doesnt work then back to the vet she will go for an antibotic shot :)

These are pictures of Mama from last summer ...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We gots an AWARD!!!!

Obviously we were not paying attention .... however our friends over at boo-bahs little sunshines gave us an award the first of the year and we would like to THANK Marshmallow, Pearlene, Ruby, Peanut and of course Boo-Bah for the award ... we got teh
this award is meant to bring attention to blogs with under 100 followers

Thank you Friends for thinking of us ... we would LOVE to have 100 followers .. but for that to happen mama is gonna have to get her tail twitchin and blog more

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dear Friends ....

Dear Friends - its been FAr Far too long ... we need to catch up ... I have many things to tell you :)
Ive been reading your blogs and keeping up with you but failing to update you on all of us ... so ... thats my goal is to catch you all up ... this week maybe even tonight ... just as soon as I sit long enough to download pictures