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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

MaMa Cat

Today is the day we selected several years ago for
MaMa Cats Birthday
Happy 11th Birthday

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Happiness is a warm sun puddle on a cool day
Mama enjoying a roll on the porch

Happiness is a clean blanket 
Boo Boo on his new favorite blankie
 Happiness is warm on the toes and a breeze by the nose
Lucky laying on the porch in the sun

Happiness is chattering at the birdies 
Moosie watching the birdies through the door
Mama laying in the sun
Hope your day is full of sunshine and happiness

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Smokey and the ... Banana?

Thats right friends ... gave Smokey a catnip nanner last night and he rolled and loved and played

Friday, February 22, 2013

Finally Friday Smokey Update

I have been working as much as I can with Smokey. We had decided to keep him in this week because of the weather - good thing as it snowed/iced last night about an inch. He was safe, warm and dry in the house. Ive been sitting outside his crate trying to get him to come out on his own - the closet doors in that room are floor to ceiling mirrors and he was scared of his reflection. I put some things in front so he could not see himself.
Last night he came out - Mama was in there eating her dinner - he sniffed her, they sniffed each other and both went to eating. Mama went out and I sat there ... I petted him, rubed him, brushed him, paid him attention. I left the room - came back, went through it all again - several times. By 1030 I was done, worn out, ready for bed - he was laying on the rug in front of his crate. I told him goodnight and he meowed at me! First time in almost 2 weeks he has spoken - first time I had ever heard him speak! I was thrilled :)

This morning I went in and sat on the rug - a bit worried he wouldent come to me ... but he did and meowed the whole way - he was hungry! He wanted his breakfast! I fed him, petted him, brushed him .. When he was done with me he went in his crate and laid down - I told him bye that I had to get dressed and go to work - he stretched yawned with a whine and shut his eyes for a nap.

Makes my heart happy that he is this content in the house, that he is comfortable with me, with mama .. makes me sad that his head is still titlted but not much can be done there. Ill take pics this weekend!

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Yes Friends ... this mousie is in fact deaded!

It looks tastie ...

However Mama  took it away

But I Brooke yes I made it dead ... I wanted to play

This is me being a bread in my oven
Mama bought us new toys and we LOVES them!

Monday she let us out to play cause it was sooo nice ... and I deaded the mouse - cause Im a good kitteh

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Releasing Smokey

Or Not ... hee hee hee

The weather here was nice yesterday would have been a great day to turn him out hwever they were calling for bad weather last night snow, sleet all that crap .. so Shon and I decided to keep Smokey in until the weather was going to be niceer - its cold today, raining and yuck gonna be real cold tonight and tomorrow - this weekend looks super! So does next week .. so for now Smokey is still in his crate, warm, eating well getting pets ... tho I have to go into the crate to give him pets he wont come to me .. : )

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bellah Rubs

Trying to give bellah rubs with one hand and and take a good picture with the other is not so easy and to make it harder the subject was not interested coming out of that crate!
I was so happy that he was being friendly and asking for pets that I really didnt mind in the end I pretty much crawled in the crate with him.
I am hoping that today we will make progress - today Smokey will get new newspaper - for whatever reason he perfers to lay on the paper and not the towels.
He is eating good, drinking plenty and using the litterbox.
The head titlt is still there, since he has not been up walking around for me I dont know if its any better but from these pictures its there. His eyes look much better and he does so well with the ointment being put in them - He is done with his pain meds and this morning I put crushed wormer in his food.

YES! He was trying to be a filppy kitty :)
Big Hugs to all
Have a super Saturday!

Friday, February 15, 2013


Smokey gave me head bumps tonight AND let me rub his belly .... gaahhh Im so happy ... I loved on him and loved on him ... he is NOT interested in coming outta that crate but he is liking the chin rubs, ear scritches and belly rubs! I have pics ... will get them up tomorrow :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Smokeys Eyey

Smokeys eyes look SO much better!~


Smokey is still doing good - he is using his box and eating and sleeping - not much else for him to do right now so ... he might as well enjoy! His eyes already look SO much better. Tonight is the last of the pain medication and he is supposed to get eye ointment twice a day through Tuesday but Im not sure I want to make him stay in that long. We are suppose to have bad weather on Saturday, if it warms back up I would like to let him back out Sunday or Monday. He will let me pet him but he isnt asking for pets, no purring, no meowing, no growling - just chillin ... I havent tried to pick him up - yet! he will let me push him all around the crate to get clean towels in and dosnt seem to mind. He has not stood up for me or sat up for me ... but I assume he is still sore from the surgeries and thrashing in the trap.
I figure Friday evening after 24 hours of no pain meds he will be more himslef.

Mama is very annoyed by his presence but she did sleep in the room where he is last night

Tiny this morning was having a "thing" with all the things in the bed room - he was jumpy at the shoes and the bed .. not sure what his deal was but it was funny!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Smokey did great with his meds last night and this morning. He seems to have no problems with me putting good in his eyes. He ate prettty good last night and used his box. I cleaned his "house" this morning and put the towel over top of him which he seemed to like.

Mama is somewhat irritated that the house with Smokey in it is in her room. She is still going in there to eat but shes not wnating to stay in there like she had been. We finally finished the Tuna flavored prednisone and started on the beef flavored which she likes soooo much better. So she is holding her own. Have been having good days since the really bad one over the weekend.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday morning with Smokey


Last night I visited with Smokey for a bit, I just sat and talked to him. He was relaxed and didnt mind me being there - he had not eaten any food but that was ok he was still really groggy as you can see from the picture above. So I decided to pet him - and a pet turned into a brush which he seemed to like as he would work the one paw I could see just a little. Even tho he is short haired he had some matting on his back so I brushed him for a few minutes. Petted him on the head and left so he could rest.
This morning I went in to check on the Smokey Man. He had used his litter box and eaten most of his wet food. Not really enough to keep a big man cat going but enough to make me happy that he is moving around and eating some. I was very gentle in removing the upper layer of newspaper and his towel - he wasnt real sure and at one point hid his face in the corner of the crate. I petted him when he did this and he turned his head to watch - gave him clean box, towels and food. I brushed him again and he relaxed - Ive gotten out most of the matting on his back - he is so soft. His pain medicine was incredebly easy, I just put the tube up to the side of his mouth wiggled it a litte and he opened, pushed the plunger and done. I will drop his perscription for eye ointment off this morning and see how that goes this afternoon.
Thank you all for the purrs - they are appreciated!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Smokey - Home

Got Smokey home and settled - he is a big boy weighing in at 15 pounds of solid steel grey fur baby. His tongue sometimes hangs out because both of his botton canines were gone - the tooth that was broken and infected was an upped canine it was removed the gum treated and dissolving stitches were used - he was given a pain injection and a long acting (2 week) antibotic injection. They gave me liquid pain meds to give him if he will allow it twice a day for 3 days starting tomorrow. He was neutered, nothing exciting there. Given his rabies and 4-way distemper shot. He was tested and came back negative for FIV. Dr Smith estimates him to be on the older side of 5 to 8 years old. His eyes have some issues, one is cloudy and could have some damage from ulcers or something - she gave me a perscription for eye cream but before I have it filled I want to see how he does with the pain meds - if he lets me give him pain meds then Ill try for the eye cream. They sent home crushed worm medicine for his food - Ill try that tomorrow night or the next once he has an appetite. They also found that his ear drum is swollen, red and irritated which is most likely causing the head tilt, could be infection (the antibotic should take care of that) or it could be a pollop or tumor all of which can cause the deafness. They dont seem to think if it is a pollop or tumor that it is painfull - more like having vertigo sometimes. They are hoping its just some infection.

Currently he is in the room, in the dog crate - he has a clean towel, litterbox, wet and dry food and water. I did pet him which he wasnt sure about but didnt try anything. I kinds felt like he liked it. So for now he is warm, and mostly comfortable - I will take some pictures of him in his "house" to post in the morning. I think tonight will be an early night for me since I was up at 3am :)


Smokey the great was FINALLY caught yesterday - it was an adventure for sure! I saw Smokey in the yard so I set the trap, this was about 4:00 in the afternoon. Trap was bated with wet food on top of dry on my covered porch - I waited and waited and finally decided that I was going to un-set the trap move the bowl mid-way out and let him get use to the trap about that time he came up on the porch - looked and then walked in, his paw was getting ready to make the cage shut when he backed out .. .he then walked round and round the cage putting a paw through to smack at the bowl, he found the can and licked it clean and ate every litte moresel he could find then again he walked into the trap and WHAP!

I GOT HIM! ... I jumped up and down and did a little dance I did I did ... all the while he was going NUTS - then he calmed ... I went out the back door to get the dog crate and brought it in - paced for a bit heart racing .. I texted my vets office and told them I would be there this morning and they were excited .. I lined the crate with newspaper so that if smokey did some business it would be easy to clean out got a sheet and went out the front door - he didnt move, I covered the trap, he didnt move - then I sat the trap inside the dog crate in a bedroom covered him walked out and shut the door - I never heard a peep out of him.

This morning I looked in, he is a large cat with small little paws but I could see claws, he has some kind of mark on his neck not sure if it’s a scar or if he has been scratching or what, his head is crooked and his eyes are funny looking, they are a little discolored and he seemed as if he has trouble focusing on things, his left ear has a little chunk missing, his tongue was sticking out just a little and Im not sure why – I hope its not always like that. I poked a finger in the side and gave him a little touch, he didn’t seem to mind and even krept up to the front where I was and gave the cage a head bump of sorts. No meowing, yowling or growling when we carried him out and into the jeep and not a peep outta him the whole way, I talked to him but I really think he is deaf and couldent hear me.

At the vets office he was to be tested for FIV - they called he is FIV - NEGATIVE! WOO HOO ... He is getting neutered - as I type this! Shots, a tooth pulled (vet called back he had a really bad painful looking tooth), his ears cleaned and medicated, his eyes medicated and a long acting antibotic shot! I can pick him up on my way home from work, he will come home with eye meds IF he is willing to let me put it in his eyes will be another story. I took the large dog crate because that will be his house for the next several days - maybe a week depending on the progress made with him and our weather here - they are once again calling for us to have some snow this weekend. BOO HISSS

Anyway friends ... Im pretty excited over here - feeling quite proud of myself for catching the big boy and getting him the medical help he was obviously needing.

Mama Cat Update and Smokey

Mama has been doing pretty good at holding her own ... she does not like the medicine and since it was upped almost 2 weeks ago she dosnt like me most days. Overall I would say good-ish days are more than bad days but when there is a bad day its really  bad.

Saturday was one of the bad ... really bad days ...

Shes been on a beef kick - if its not beef wet food she wont eat it but Saturday morning she wouldent even smell the beef - so I gave her turkey on another plate she took a few bites and then threw up in her plate - then threw up in the floor .. I mean wow she didnt eat that much - she laid on the table and looked outside - I feed Mama in a room by herself mainly becuase she eats incredebly slow and for the most part I dont feed the others wet food - so I let her be, she has everything she needs in that room, a window with a table and blanket, a chair with a pillow, a litterbox, food wet and dry and water - its the warmest room in the house and shes away from the others

During the day she did go out for a bit - maybe 10 minutes ... Saturday afternoon she wanted in her room - I had taken out the bad food so all she had was her dry and the beef wet - I let her in and went to town for a while. When I came back ... it was bad .. she had thrown up 3 times and used the box at least 5 and had eaten very little ...

I got her out of the room and I did a quick clean saving the big clean for Sunday. Sunday was a little better - she ate some beef wet but only after I put baby food on it - whatever food is food - she has FINALLY finished the tuna flavored prednisone and we can start on the beef flavored today. She ate most of a can of turkey and giblets last night of course she was disturbed that the dog crate with another kitty in it was in her room so she had to eat in the bathroom.

Now its Monday morning 345 - Ive been awake for a while - Im excited that I caught Smokey, but Im nervous yet relieved ... and right now I cant believe the vets office wont be open for another 4 hours ...

Sunday, February 10, 2013

GOT ONE!!!!!

More to Follow


I get up at odd times ... usually really early - the cats like it ... I feed them, clean their boxs, wash water bowls and give pets - its currently 430 and all thoes things have been done and Stripey is laying in my lap. We cruised some other blogs and took 2 pictures this morning.
Princess went out side last Spring - since she as been here she has never willingly allowed me to pet her and when she was in the house she would hide all the time, since she has been outside she is on the porch every morning and every night - she has an igloo with a bed and blankets on the porch that is covered and she has chairs with blankets and rugs and she has her brother Face who had been going in and out for several weeks before she went out. Face still comes in almost daily - pretty muche whenever he wants however he perfers to be out and most nights they sleep together. When its really cold out it gives me comfort to know they are together.

This is what is currently happening on the porch on the chair that white blanket is some kind of thermal blanket - my mom had it and gave it up saying it made her too hot - Face and Princess LOVE it! They have been sleeping on it every night since I put it out there (about a week)
So snuggle up with someone you love - as I look around the room I see that most of my kitties are settling in for a nap - its 445 maybe I should take one too ... get back up at a normal hour

Friday, February 8, 2013


we are soooo tired of snow ... and cold ... no more please!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cat Monopoly

We think its Pawsome

Kitty will RULE

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I was excited last evening - it was a bit warmer than it had been and the wind had stopped - I fed the kitties and Smokey

was on the porch - I fixed him a bowl of yummie goodness and set the trap he walked around and around the trap and would skamper off when he would see me watching ... so I went in the other room, did other stuff and heard a WHAP ... I yelled - I GOT HIM! and went running to the door

I in fact had a big grey kitty ... however it was WaterMelon
who was NOT happy at all about being trapped ... so mad that he didnt eat any of the food
I got him out and into the house and re-set the trap as it was still nice out and Smokey was in the yard

I went back to doing "stuff" and about 30 minutes later I heard WHAP! ... I said woo hoo got him this time ...

obviously this is not the one I had in my trap but you get the point ... so the Opossum DID eat all the food ... I opened the door and the little bugger just sat there for like an hour
Once he went on his way I fixed Smokey some dinner and he came and ate .. .maybe next time

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tired Boo Boo

Boo came in at 5am ... hes sleeping on the bed seems to be just fine with his little adventure

Friday, February 1, 2013

Bad Boo Boo

Its mmm about 20 degrees here ... and when we came in the house ... Boo decided he was going out ... he managed to somehow get by us both ... so its 10 pm - Shon has to be at the station at 6am for fire training and the cat ran out ... sheesh ... Bad Boo Boo ... Bad Bad Bad ... he is big and fat and has plenty of fur ... Shon will be up at 5am ... probably both of up will get up during the night to check to see if he is at the door ...