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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Mouse Story

Told by Mom -

You all know part of the mouse story but I will re-tell it here ...

Sunday evening Moosie had his little nose stuck to the floor, eyes pinned under the dryer ... I kept telling him there was nothing under there but then there was a noise so I went to get the flashlight and looked what did I find but Meep behined the washer and dryer looking - sniffing ... crazy kitties I told them but they did not budge.

Monday morning there was lots of noises the kitties dad went to check it out as I was still laying in bed wishing for another weekend day. Here is what happened - Meep was in the laundry room growling and for such a little girl she has a very big and high pitched growl all the other kitties were very interested in what she had. Dad grabed the Meep and the mouse and he had the mouse in his hand when Meep jerked and the mouse went free. The mouse was chased round a litterbox or three and escaped back under the dryer. After a good laugh I got up got ready and left for work, WaterMelon followed me out got his pets and was heading to the barn when I was leaving.

But the story does not end here. I get a phone call at work that started with the question .... "Was there a mouse on the porch when you left?" To my reply "no" .... Apparently WaterMelon on his trip to the barn or while he was there came upon a mouse and like a good kitty brought it to his family and left the "present" on the rug, in front of the door, on the porch. Like a good kitty dady it was cleaned up and the good kitty was praised.

What a story .... right ... but still NOT the end .... .

Kitty Dady went back inside to see Lucky running like a wild cat ... he thought it was play at first then realize Lucky had something in his mouth and was being chased by other curious kitties ... quickly it was realized that Lucky had a MOUSE .. so running through the house was Lucky (with the mouse) other kitties then dady ... ha ha ha ... at one point Lucky jumped and the little mouse went SsQqqqqeeeekkkkK .. Kitty Dady said oh my that mousie is ALIVE and he wrestled with Lucky for the Mouse. ... this time dady won however it was a DIFFERENT mouse from the one that Meep had .. the Mouse was shown to Moosie who wide eyed jumped back like it might attack him .. dady set this mouse free outside. Needless to say Lucky was NOT a happy kitty for having his toy taken from him and was visably angry and huffing.

To recap ... 3 different mice - 3 different cats ... was an eventful Monday morning.


  1. Now, that is a real mouse tail! Lots of excitement!

  2. WOW!!! We wanna come over for some excitement!

  3. How are they getting in the house ?

  4. Well, it's a good thing you are all such good mousers, otherwise your house would be over-run with them!

  5. Wow, sounds like an adventurous Monday for everyone!!...Fun!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. This is the first time we have every seen mice in the house. Since they seem to be under the washer & dryer we assume they are coming up the dryer vent... as soon as its dry and warm enough here there will be a trip under the house to check things out.

  7. Woo khats sure keep things exciting!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  8. Wow, mousies. Dey is funner when dey is alive...

  9. Sounds like lots of fun. I nom them before mum gets chance to stop me.

  10. If I follow the story correctly, does this mean you have the original mouse still in the house?