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Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow and more Snow

We have SNOW ... pleanty of snow. Now so far we do not have as much as we did last year but we haven plenty and temperatures that are super low. Oh and wind ... did I mention Wind ... wind to the point that the kitties are not allowed outside out of fear that they will blow away.

We had a good Christmas - it was quiet and simple and nice. The cats played with their toys and enjoyed some nip. They napped and laid on us and watched tv. I have pictures :)


  1. We have lots of snow here, we had very white Christmas. Glad you had sucha great Christmas.

  2. We don't have snow but we have very cold temps! Stay in and stay warm!

  3. hee hee...I have a funny mental picture of kitties blowin' in the wind...


  4. But that Wind can give a chance to FLY LIKE A BIRD !!!!
    hee..hee..hee..just kidding !...your mom was right stay warm and safe indoor : )

  5. I would have khaught the khytty had one blown by ;-)


  6. Oh that is bad that it is so windy! Snow is bad enough but wind and snow is just yuck! We hope things get better there soon! We think that a simple Christmas sounds great - and napping sounds like such a good idea!!

  7. Did you send that storm up to us? We got 20 inches of snow and 50 mph wind. Glad you had a simple Merry Christmas