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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

BABY .... Oh My

We have some furry exciting news  .... Auntie C had her baby yesterday....

Please meet Thomas Logan ...

He was born by C-Section ... This big guy weighed in at 10lb 6oz - 21in long and a 15in head OH MY

He and his momy are doing good.

So far this is the only picture our Momy has of him, she went to check him out last night but held him the whole time so no photo opportunites were available. AS soon as she has more pics she will post them.

We are fury happy for Auntie C and Uncle R but feel a little bad for our cousins Tweetie, Sylvia, Phantom and Chickie ... as they have NO idea what is about to come home ... ha ha ha
Momy is taking care of the furries until the peoples come home.
She will try to get pictures of them but Sylvia is difficult to get a glimpse of if Auntie C isnt threre. Tweetie was pacing the kitchen floor this morning when momy got to his house to feed him. More on him later. Phantom and Chickie are Tiny's feline mom and dad.


  1. Concats to your Auntie C and Uncle R! We hope little Thomas Logan grows up to be a big cat lover. :-P

  2. Congratulations on that gorgeous new bean, he is lovely.. Hugs GJ xx

  3. Oh a little blurpy!! Congratulations to your Auntie and Uncle!