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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Meep still Missing

The following has been done:
Looking, yelling and calling - daily and at different times
Fliers have been taped to all neighbors doors in a mile radius
Fliers have been stapled to stop signs
She has been listed on Tabbyfinder
She has been listed on our County missing list
She has been listed on neighboring county missing lists
The Humane Society has been notified
Our vets office has been notified

Where we live - we live in a rural area. My house sits on 18 acres with my closest neighbor being my mom and dad. The other closest neighbors house sits on about 20 acres. We at least 1/2 a mile from a busy road. We do have trees lots of them and open fields. Meep weighed about 7 pounds - from what I have read she would have been too heavy for a Hawlk to have carried off and really too heavy for an Owl as well. We hear coyotees but have never seen one near the house and typically they dont come out and hunt in day light - with that said of the cats that are outside she would be the fasest and is quite skilled in tree climbing.

She is very friendly but someone would have to know where we live for them to come up and get her. I hope she has just wondered off while chasing a butterfly and gotten lost. Maybe some old lady took her in to feed her and shes liking it on the sofa. I dont know. All I do know is I miss my little red kitty on my bed at night. I miss her laying on me on the blanket "nursing" the blankie. I miss her and Tiny playing in the floor and her holding him down until he cries. He looks for her. WaterMelon looks for her. Man if cats could talk ...


  1. Oh, I feel awful for you. Not knowing is the worst...I'm still hoping she'll turn up.
    {{hugs}} MomKat Trish

  2. Oh we are so sorry to read that Meep is still missing. We are sending out lots of purrs and prayers for her to find her way home. Maybe if you could put out some food to attract her - or even get some of those traps they use to catch ferals to get them spayed - like maybe borrow them somewhere. Oh I wish I had good suggestions for you - I am so sad for you missing her and I am so worried about Meep. I know the CB is purring for her - I let them know she was gone and needed our purrs to help her get home. I hope she comes home to you soon!!

  3. I'm so sorry that Meep is still away. I hope that someone has taken her in and soon you will see an ad in the paper that says "FOUND: Little red kitty!" I'm purring hard for you.

  4. We are sad she hasn't come home yet. We are sending more purrs for her to come back safely.

  5. Sending lots of purrs to Meep to tell her to come home and keep her safe. It is so hard not knowing where she is.

  6. We have been checking back daily hoping for good news. We're sorry you are going through this. It's horrible when you don't know where your pet is. We hope Meep will be home soon!

  7. I am terribly sorry that little Meep is missing. I will keep her (and you) in my purrayers and hope she finds her way back home.


  8. We were hoping Meep had wondered back home by now. About all we can suggest is keep looking. Remember to look under things, and up high. She might be to scared to respond when you yell. Try to think like a cat.

    Try to leave food and water out for her, and her favorite blanket if she had one.

    A cat could easily cover half a mile, so it is possible that someone passing through saw her and thought she was a stray or abandoned.


  9. I understand how you feel; I lost my Jax and never found him, looked for 2 months and still, 3 years later, have a flyer for him in my car=it was devastating, he was a total sweetheart (wrote about him on the blog May 13, his birthday)...Hang in there; hope is a powerful thing and she could show up hungry and dirty tomorrow...Best of luck, my prayers are with you...J

  10. We are so sorry to hear that Meep is missing. I hope she will return. It is always hard for us humans not to know what happened. We will say prayers for her return.

  11. Hoping Meep will come back soon. Winnie once took a walkabout for three weeks. Came back healthy and happy, albeit with some brambles in her fur. Lottsa purrs for a quick return!