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Monday, October 18, 2010

Still no sign

Meep has still not made it home. Its been 2 weeks today. Every evening when I get home I yell for her like always and look to the barn in hopes she will come bounding out. I still have hope that she will come home but the thoughts that I keep trying to push further and further back in my mind are that she wont. That makes me sad. I still have 9 others that need love and foods and play time. They curl up with me on the sofa. My sofa that I have move to in front of the bay window so that I can keep an eye out for her - just in case.

In other news - Tiny was neutered on the 7th and is doing well. He is still about half the size he is suppose to be but is adorable.
I am zoomed in really far

Playing on the new floor

Shon was gone to California the week of the 4th from Sunday to Sunday of course all the things happened that week ... Meep went missing, was my birthday, Tiny was neutered and while he was gone I had the Kitchen and living room floor replaced. It was NUTS at my house. While things were crazy I was also off and able to look for Meep and now my floor looks great!

Of course I need a new blind in the window and new sofas but the floor - wow!

What a good little boy

I do have wedding pictures - I will work on getting some posted 


  1. We're sorry that Meep is still missing. But please do not give up hope. Mum knowns excatly how you feel because our Thomas O'Toole went missing for 5 days this time last year. He came back and we're purring that Meep does too.

  2. We are purraying very hard for Meep to come home safe and sound. Don't lose hope!!

  3. Your floor looks great but would look better with Meep running across it. Please come home, Meep. Everybody loves you and your Mom hasn't noticed that you took her credit card.

  4. At this point I would be OK if Miss Meep had take my credit card and bought a ton of toys and foods and beds and pretty little pink things. I would gladly help her bring them all home and would happily pay the bill ...

  5. Tiny is very cute! We will keep purring for Meep!!!

  6. We are still hoping and purring that Meep shows up. Tiny is adorable...so he's staying?

    Your floors look great!

  7. I'll keep the paws khrossed -

    Maybe another khold snap will make Meep realise home is where the warmth is!


  8. Glad you are getting some things done around the house, even as your rearrange furniture and continue to look for Meep. We send more purrs and tail wags for her safe return.

  9. Purrrring that Meep will realize she has a nice home where she should be.

  10. We hope that Meep will come home very soon! We will keep purring so she'll hear all of us and remember that we all miss her!

  11. We are still purring and praying for Meep to come home safely! We hop she will be back soon!

    And Tiny is such a cutie - and it is great you got so much done too. It is good that you have things to keep you occupied, and we know the 9 others will give you lots of snuggles til Meep finds her way home!

  12. My next blog stop after this one was Marg's Pets - they had a miracle happen - BB who ran off in July came back today. So miracles can happen - we say just keep hoping! Here is the link to their blog - I hope it gives you some hope, and doesn't make you sad, because it shows that Meep can still find her way home to you!

  13. For sure, do not give up. It was so amazing yesterday when BB arrived. I saw her out in the pasture, and looked twice, then I said her name and she ran into the barn and got in her normal place of eating and was starved. So do NOT give up. I have no idea where she went but somehow she got back home. We are all crossing our paws and sending tons of purrs for Meep. It was totally a miracle for us. So you will get a miracle too.
    Is there anywhere at your parents or another neighbor, where she might have gotten shut up by mistake?? Any way sending you lots of positives vibes.

  14. Still purring and purraying Meep comes home...and yes, have da naybors check out bildings and stuff. Our Punkin got stuck in da naybors storage shed fur three days!

  15. We come by occasionally to check on Meep, hoping for good news. Purrs and tail wags.