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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring is here .... maybe

Its a bit scary to say that .... as the weather here has been crazy .. seems mother nature cant get it right ... that or winter and summer are fighting and wont let poor spring in ... we have been watching the birdies and the robins are back. Some of the flowers are starting the pop up. It seems that it wants to be warm outside then it starts raining, sleeting and even snowing. In the last 3 days we have seen rain, snow, sleet, hail, thunder, sun and wind .... its been 40 degrees during the day one day and gonna be 82 tomorrow ... CRAZY!!!

Last evening Momy went for a walk around the neighborhood. Last summer when she stopped walking inside she was going for 5 miles - yesterday she only did a mile and a half outside and did another mile inside. She was very happy about the warm and the fresh air but walking outside is different than inside ... Shes hoping its nice this evening and she can do it again. She had a bit of a hard time yesterday cause Auntie C is her walking buddy but she cant walk that far or that fast right now ... has to get baby "P" here and then all 3 of them can walk.

Oh and Puddy .... baby humans kinda scare us too ... glad it will be Auntie C's ... as we are the only babies in this house :)


  1. Our Mom wants to walk outside, too, but the allergens in the air keep her from breathing right!

  2. Our weather down here is real crazy, but we escaped the bad storms yesterday. I hate that closet too. Mom makes me go in it sometimes when tornadoes are close.
    Small people scare me and I hide.