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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Waiting on Spring

This is Meep from last year ... shes been missing since October 4th - we would love for her to come home.

Meepy loved to play outside and loved to chase butterflies and play in the grass.

Moose likes to lay in the grass some too ....

We hope all our friends are doing well ...


  1. We will continue to purr for Meep. Moose looks like he really enjoys hos hiding place

  2. I am so sorry that your Meep didn't come home. My Lilly Ann (profile photo) went outside four years ago. I'm still waiting for her to come home. She'd gone out every morning for 13 years and always came back in the evenings. I haven't let anyone out since ...

  3. We hope that Meep comes home soon xxx

  4. Meep had been going out every day for almost 2 years ... I remember that Monday morning .. she asked to go out, put her little paws on the door and meowed - she was still licking her chops from breakfast. I rubbed her little head and told her to have a fun day, I would be home around 5 ... she always came running as soon as I got out of my car ... I only had to say her name once and she was there ... but not that day ... and not any day since .. I keep yelling and looking and hoping ..

  5. Oh, the misery you must be going through. I hope she comes home soon.
    I never let Kassey out even when she begs coz I'm afraid I'd lose her.
    Your Meep looks a lot like my Kassey.

  6. OH sweet Meep and your sweet Momma.
    We know all too well that feeling.
    We have lost two outside.
    We had one feral that came and visited everyday for breakfast and dinner and last December he never came back after his breakfast and we called and called and searched. So we understand your heartbreak.



  7. What a sad story, I hope she finds her way home!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  8. We're so sorry Meep is still missing. We can only hope that she is with another loving family and being well taken care of.