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Thursday, November 3, 2011

ButterBean says ....

Taking medicine is YUCK!

But I gotta take it 3 more days ....


  1. Yuck is right. It's good it's only 3 more days, though!

  2. It is yuck, but please be good and take it all!

  3. Sorry you are on yucky meds but that look. You got it. We all know how it goes ...

  4. Hey Bean, you look like my cat Milk! We were reading about your momma rescuing those kittens, we think she is a hero! Did she get the last one?

  5. Hi, its nice to meet you, neighbor! Thanks for stopping by, its a pleasure to meet you. We were reading about your kittens. How nice of you for taking them in! How can people drop off animals like that and expect them to survive? How do they sleep at night or live with themselves? Thank God for people like you! We are looking forward to hearing more about the little ones!