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Friday, November 4, 2011

Kitten update

There are only 3 kittens ... 2 males and 1 female. Went to trap the 4th several times and ended up with a small opossum ... I have been continuing to look for another kitten and have not seen or heard any and when leaving food out during the day it does not get eaten. Therefore we are going with there were only 3 and the other set of eyes that were seen was in fact the opossum, which I may add is the same size as the kittens.

The kittens: "The Eye" has become the sweetest and most loving. If he is laying in his box or on the chair he has no problems with being petted, picked up, held, whatever. And he PURRRRSSssss oh my can this little guy purr. If he is up walking around he wants nothing to do with you.
"The Eye" Looking at the picture the left eye is the bad eye. Vet says its scar tissue and could clear a bit. He can see a little out of it ... think if putting your finger in front of your eye, thats how he sees like there is a spot in the way. This little dude is a love ... I did get him to play for a while last night but he seems to be fairly uncertian of things that move too quickly.

The other 2 I am having a problem with ... I have rescued, had dropped, traped etc many cats. Some I have kept .. others (most) I have found good homes for. I have never had kittens be so standoffish for so long. Ispend as much time with them as I can. On average its been between 1 and 2 hours per night.

They are in my house in the smallest of my bed rooms. The room has a window, a desk in front of the window with a box and blanket in it (The Eyes favorite place) a chair with a towel, 2 bookcases that they can not get under, an elliptical machine that they use as a toy and another chair with a cat bed in it.

So The Eye is super sweet ... "The Face" - is a tease ... he rubs and loves on the chair, elliptical and bookcase, flipping his little tale and loving about but wont let me pet him ... if I grab him he stiffens up and I have to hold him to pet him, Ive never heard him cry or purr .. sometimes he will growl at me and sometimes he will hiss ... he will sit 2-3 feet from me and stare at me. When I had them in the dog crate he would give love bites and seemed to be coming around a little more but with 3 of them I hate to put them back in the dog crate.

"The Face" -
he is just adorable .. .his markings are beautiful and I think he wants to be a sweet kitty but dosnt know how and apparently Im not doing something right for him. Last night he did play a little and he rolled on the floor showing me his tummy. I would love for him to be more loving.

"The Princess" - is a touch me not ... She is very timid and shy and skurries to the corner as soon as I come in the room. If I get her out of her corner she will sit in my lap and relax after a while. I think she would be very sweet if she wasnt so scared. Mind you when Im in the room shes still only 3 feet away at any time but she tends to like to be more hidden.

"The Princess"
This tends to be her look most of the time. Like shes scared to death and is going to run ...

So friends Im not sure ... Im trying ... I give them time and I spend time with them, they are all eating good and pooping and seem to be growing etc. I realized they have been through multiple tramatic events in a short time so maybe I should be more patient.
Suggestions are appreciated.


  1. It may be that more time is just what is needed.
    My Marshmellow who was dumped in a park as a baby is still very cautious and really prefers me to others. He will be ten around January. He is very loving with me but if the doorbell rings he's off to hide.

    The kittens are adorable. I think with love and patience they may learn to trust. I hope so.


  2. No suggestions from us, but the mom at Random Felines might, as she's fostered for a very long time too. So has Connie from Tails from the Foster Kittens.

  3. They are sweeties. Our Angel was a stray/feral that er coaxed inside. It took her months to trust us. She loved Wizard and he helped her transition to a loving kitty. Three years later, she is still not a cuddle kitty but will let us pet her!

  4. They are adorable. WE hope that the two skittish ones come around soon. It's easy to understand why they are afraid, they just don't know any better. Good luck.

  5. You have true ferals. My Lilly Ann, blog photo, was that way her whole life. She took time. I would just sit near her. Talk to her. Always always did that. She would after a while, sit on me. She never got to know anyone else. They could look at her though.

    Riley, my current orange boy, is sort of feral. He won't let me hold him. If I do, I count. I got to a minute. He does love to be pet though. He's come a long way and is almost normal now.

    Lilly Ann, after six years, would walk around the house and talk (Siamese) but never let anyone hold her.

    I will say though that Lilly Ann gave me the most love that any cat has ever done. And, I've have had over 20 or so cats. She loved me and it did all start with our ever famous hiss parties.