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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Face - Princess - Eye

Last fall I rescued 3 kittens that had been dropped by the river. I did not intend on keeping them so I named them according to their features so that we could distinguish between the three when talking. As it has turned out they are not adoptable because most people like friendly kitties and these are not very friendly.

Face has gotten failry friendly, he will let me pet him when I am sitting on the sofa or laying in bed. He does not like to be touched with 2 hands at 1 time and he does not want to be picked up. He began getting interested in the outside so I finally convinced myself that it would be ok ... I let him outside one day and he LOVED it ... climbed a tree, ran, played and at the end of the day he came back inside. Now he pretty much stays outside but comes in on occasion. Yesterday he let me pet him while he was outside - WIN :) He seems very happy to be out there and he is always welcome to come in but for now he perfers to be out.

Princess has never decided to be friendly. In fact in a weeks time if I see her once its amazing. About a month ago some kitty started pooping in my bedroom. Last week i figured out it was her. She pooed on the floor, on the bed, on the dresser. I confined her to another room with a litterbox, food and water. She pooed on the bed in that room instead of using the box. Thinking she may be sick I took a sample to the vet - nope not sick. However she could be stressed. SO ... knowing that I would probably never get her back I let her outside. I have seen her more in the week she has been out than I did in the months she was in my house. She comes on the porch to eat and drink and sleep. I see her playing in the yard and chasing bugs and pouncing grass. She finally seems happy. Face is out there with her showing her the ropes as he has been out for about a month. She does not run when I walk to the door to see her but she does not seem interested in coming in. Sometimes you have to love them enough to give them what they want and she obviously wanted to be outside.

Eye has turned into a love bug. He loves me ... only me. He wants to be petted and held and rubbed. He has an intestineal issue and in the last 10 days he has gotten in the habit of asking to go into the closed off room where I give him a spoon of wet food with his powder medicine for his instine. This medicine helps him so much. He has more normal box habits and he seems happier and much more loving - maybe because his tummy dosnt hurt anymore. Ive tried to let him outside and he just shakes. He likes to look out the windows but thats about it. He has a hard time seeing out of that eye and most things scare him. However I love him.

SO these 3 are staying. While I was willing to let them all live the life inside two of them seem much more "at home" outside. THey have plenty of building and places to stay cool, warm or dry. There is always plenty of food and water, pillows and blankets and shady trees.


  1. You have given them love and that is all any cat needs or wants. You are a wonderful person !!!

  2. Sometimes it is really hard to let them have what they really want and need.

  3. Can you tell me whats is a problem with this eye of your cat, my cat has this same thing! help me please...