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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Homes things and stuff

Mama Moo has never been friendly with me. Shes been living in the house for 10 weeks and not once has she seemed that being around a people would be a good thing. I picked her and her babies up about 80 miles from my house. My Mom had said that Moo could come live at her place. She has 2 other outside cats that are black and black & white. Moo is of course Black & White. Moo was spayed last Tuesday and Ive had her in a large crate since. This Tuesday I took her out to my moms with the intention of giving her a few days to get use to stuff and then let her out. She hid under her blanket ... wouldnet eat her food. Forecast was 94 for yesterday with 90% humidity so we took her inside. Yesterday I did some research and I worried about this little cat that was such a good momy and had been living in my house. I thought maybe I had failed at making her like people. I was sad that she was sad and I didnt know how to make it better. Then I decided it would be best to take her back to where I had found her. So last night I drove her back there. She perked right up, it was truly amazing ... I knew I had done the right thing when she took off running accross the long field with her tail up and she never looked back. She had lived there for several years, the vet thought she was 2 or 3. She is strong, she is spayed and she has had shots and most importantly I think she is happy - in most cases that is most important. I slept good last night and had no worries.

The last kitten has once again been spoken for ... she will go to her new home Monday evening. It has been so much fun having a baby in the house. Im happy that she will be spoiled and will have a home of her own.


  1. WE are so sorry that Moo did not take to the good live inside. At least she is happy where she is.

  2. All you can do is try and you did. I probably would have just kept her as an indoor cat that hid but I have bears and coyote so it's not safe in my woods.

    So, good to know that she was happy and that is the best part.