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Friday, November 30, 2012


Moose went yesterday to get his teeth cleaned. His temperature dropped near the end of the procedure so he had to be wraped in warm towels (which he loved) put on a heating pad and had hot water bottles around him to get his temperature back to normal.
He is considered a slow recoverer so when I picked him up at 530 he was still very sleep even though he was done at 11am ... when he got home he had a hard time walking, standing, moving. He did eat a can of food with extra water on it and ate this morning good too. He can walk better this morning but is still haveing problems jumping and hes fairly growley. I havent tried to look at his teeth yet .. maybe this weekend.


  1. We are all sending lots of purrs to you Moose!

  2. Poor Moose! We hope he is better tomorrow