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Monday, December 3, 2012

in the morning

In the morning I - ButterBean am being dropped off at the vets office for a day of pampering ... or at least thats what ma told me ...

The Truth ... the truth is Bean hasnt been acting himslef the last few days - third eyelid is showing, he is very stinky and gassy and his bellah is hard. He has been eating some but I havent seen him in the box SO he will be going on a short little day trip - get some attention from the peeps at vets and they will see if they can find something wrong with him. I hope hes ok but better safe than him be hurting ..


  1. Purrs that he'll be okay! Constipation? Paws crossed for proper uh, output!

  2. Oh goodness! We hope all is well with Butterbean! We will be purring for him!

  3. All of us are sending purrs for successful pampering!

  4. Glad you found out what the problem is!