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Monday, March 11, 2013

Smokey ... Mama ... and the rest of the gang

Smokey has been adventuring the house .. and over the weekend he walked out the door himself and back in and out and in and out ... he has been laying on the sofa and overall becoming more friendly - less skiddish and getting use to things as a indoor/outdoor kitty - we are hoping now that the weather is getting better he will go out for the days and in for the nights.

Mama ... played like she was a little kitten yesterday - she was running and flipping and chasing sticks - was great to see. She is still taking her medicine 2 times a day and likes the beef flavored. She is eating more dryfood and seems to be holding her own.

the rest of the gang are doing well - Brooke, Tiny, Stripey, Lucky and Moose all went out to play both Saturday adn Sunday for most of both days - they all really enjoyed the sunshine and being able to get out and run and play some.


  1. It is so rewarding when they start to trust you and go in and out etc. Glad to hear that Smokey is doing so well. That is terrific.

  2. It is good that Smokey is making himself at home!

  3. Smokey sounds like he's doing really well, getting all settled into a routine. Very glad that Mama Cat is doing better too