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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fun stuff

Monday Smokey spent the day outside - it was nice here, a good day for a kitty to lay on the porch and be a kitty. When I got home I yelled SMOKEY ... and he came runnin - meowing and ready to go in - please

Yesterday was a rain day and cloudy and kinda chilly so he decided he wanted to stay in -

This morning he went out and when I turned to go out the door myself he had his little paws on the door asking to come back in ... apparently he didnt think today was a good day to be out. It is a little cloudy and cool.

I think the Smokey Boy is becoming an inside kitty ... :)


  1. That is wonderful! Smokey knows where the good life is!

  2. Well, Meowm hopes he becomes an inside kitty. With his tilty head, she would rather he be inside, even though it totally is not up to her!

  3. Smokey's no fool. It's cold & wet and muddy outside. It's warm & dry and there's food inside.

    Easy choice.