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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kitten update

Mama Cat weighed 6.5 pounds

Black/White - Male - 2.6 lbs
Grey/White - male - 2.6
Orange - Male - 1.8
Calico - female - 1.8

All have some respiratory stuff going on - all are on clavamox and the kittens are getting eye ointment too. No eat mites. Some fleas but they are so samll and sick that topical is not an option right now and I dont want to bathe them until they are closer to being well. Im hoping by the weekend they can get baths as they smell as well as some fleas. They are in the sun-room where none of my other cats can go right now and when they head out I can easily clean it with bleach to kill any germies.
I didn’t get pictures as last night they were just plain tuckered out. I fed them late and put more cream in their eyes and they were out for the night. This morning there was just not enough time however the black/white and grey/white ran around the room after getting their medicine and played and found a toy mouse and ran and jumped and had a good time. The orange one still only has one eye completely open but the cream has already made them look not so angry. He ate well and lapped milk and water and was really interested in loving on mama. Calico is a funny little girl she lays her ears down and hisses but shes not big enough to do any more and once the milk comes out shes all good. So I let them run arund a bit and then put them back in the crate – got read for work and before I left put a plate of wet food in with them and stuck all their little noses in it and they all were eating when I left. This evening the plan is to medicate and eyes feed and let them run about the room and play for a while. The two bigger ones are all about the play the two little ones I feel need more foods and rest right now but obviously some time to stretch their legs will be good for them.

The mama cat is very loving and sweet. She licked all her babies this morning and snuggled with them a little. She is pretty well dried up so no milk from her – however she did enjoy a little KMR with them this morning and shes eating kitten chow well – I believe she needs the extra calories that both offer so Im good with it. She also got a small can of sheba which she was enjoying when I left.

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