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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Kittens and mom cat Patches

The kittens weights were 1.6 and .8 ... BW was a pretty sick little baby kitten. However they are almost done with their antibotics and seem to be much better. I have no doubt that BW will cat up with YW very quickly. they have had run of the house with all my other kitties for the last few days, only being locked up wen no peoples are  home. Had a long conversation with the vet on Saturday about mom cat Patches and how she was spitty and growley and was decided to take the babies this week with them being from her entirely by Friday - well they have not been with her since Tuesday because she is just angry - SO ... last night I persuaded her to go into the trap (by persuasion I mean we played a round of chase of sorts) and she is at the vets office being spayed, getting shots and generally being looked over. The plan as of now is to keep her in the crate until Sunday and then release her. She was a great mom cat! Very loving and protective. She did what she thought needed to be done and her to baby boys are beautiful, loving, healthy. Inside life is not for her. However, I have done for her all that I can by having her spayed. I will be calling a little later to get an up date on her.


  1. Maybe with time she will come to be more friendly.

  2. bean

    yur mom did rite by de wee kittenz mom....N yes, sum times ferals canna & due knot want two...come inside

    all de best for her and de wee onez ♥