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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

questions and answers

The baby kittens are very social - I have been persistent about petting them every morning and evening even tho the mama cat does not like it. she hisses and growls at me but allows me to pet her babies. I have already started talking to the vet about a sedative for her when it is time to take her to be spayed. Now that the babies are moving they come to me, they love to be petted and I hold them. I talk to them A LOT too.

The black kitty is doing well. He has been out and about in the house all day. He is playing with a ball right now. All the other kitties have been good to him. I have a lady that is interested in trying him out next weekend.


  1. How wonderful to have these kittens to play with, I'm most envious. I'm sure the mama cat is just marking her territory as if she didn't want you to touch the babies you wouldn't get near them.

  2. Little mama just loves her babies of course and thank you for socializing them despite her worry. xo