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Friday, August 13, 2010

Did someone stop Purring??

Scotch has been doing good. taking his medicine good and eating good. Then last night right at bed time he got in the tub and tried to P ... blood is all that came out. I pushed on his tummy and felt around and he never cried but he got in the box and tried to P again and nothing. So this morning he was at the vets office as soon as they opened. They will be calling me to let me know whats happening soon ... i think


  1. Oh no it sounds like the meds aren't working now that he is home - maybe he needs something stronger, like they were giving him at the vets. We are sending him tons of purrs and prayers still (and throwing in a few extra just to be safe!)

  2. Oh My~ We are purring and purraying furry hard for Scotch! We hope he is ok and they find out what the problem is!!! Please, keep us posted

  3. I hope they can figure out how to help him. I'll have him in my thoughts ...

    xo xo xo

    JC & The Purr & Fur Gang ^,,6

  4. Best of luck to sweet Scotch, we are purring for him and look forward to an update...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki