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Monday, August 2, 2010

Fun Facts Explained

There were some questions about the fun facts so I am going to try to answer them

Momy had wanted me Lucky to be the ring bearer since I am the only one that walks on a leash. However the wedding was suppose to be at the Fire Station and thinking of my safety she thought I would get scairt and that would go badly for me. Now they are having to get married just down the road at a church but fire trucks are still involved and all the yummie foods are goin to be at the fire house so she still thinks it best for me to stay home so she wont have to worry.
I would probably be more comfortable on my sofa anyways... :)

Momy and Dady have been together for 5 years and known each other for almost 10. SO he has been around for a while. He has been living with us since before I was brought to the house. When he moved in with Momy only ButterBean and Boo lived here. I was their first kitty together. Over the years Dady has brought several of the others home. He loves us and we are pretty sure he knows that Momy would choose any one of us over him.

We are not moving. Instead they are going to build on to the house we live in and according to momy it will be VERY kitty friendly. Now about the ponitail holders and undies. Welll ... Momy has long long black hairs. So she Loves ponitail holders. They are everywhere. When she has a bad day she go ponitail holder shopping. She has a whole basket full and everytime she cleans she finds some that we have hidden and she gets excited cause they are new all over again. Now about the undies. Momy loves coupons and some secret store that her friend Victoria ownes sends her coupons for $10 off. So when she gets thoes she gets 5 new pretty pairs for like $15 and she says thats really cool. So right now she has like 25 pair that still have tags on them. CRAZY !
Sometimes Dady surprises her and orders new ponitail holders online for her. She had Virginia Tech ones and NY Giants and Carolina Panthers and Boston Red Sox and many more. FUN!


  1. Your daddy sounds like ours, bringing kitties home. Congrats to your mom and dad getting married!

  2. Is Daddy or Mommy a fireman? We think pony tail holders are fun to whop. Mom has short hair, but uses the tiny holders on her sewing machine bobbins!

  3. Sounds AWESOME!!! We know their wedding will be magical and that you will be there telepathically. That's great that you're staying in your house, just getting MORE house!!! MOL at hiding ponytail holders! We do that too!

  4. PS...Our mom is friend's with your mom's friend, Victoria, too!

  5. Yes - Dady is a volunteer firefighter and Momy volunteers at the fire station too. She bakes all their cakes for the BBQs (2 a year and about 400 cakes) she does their news letter, fliers and ads. She also helps out on big fires by fixing them foods.

  6. Congrats! Weddings are always fun.

  7. What a small world. Ma knows this Victoria lady too and loves her undies. Hmmm, somehow that doesn't sound right.

  8. Wow that is so cool - and we think that your mom is right that you are better staying home - it is much safer that way. And hopefully they will bring you lots of tasty foods from the party after.

    And that is cool that your house is going to get bigger - how fun!

  9. Best of luck with the wedding, we know it will be great fun!...Enjoyed the post!...Happy week sweet friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. Well. THAT clears up a few things! hee hee!

    Our Mommy knows Victoria, too!

    We are excited about the wedding AND a bigger house. Does that mean you will get more kitties, too?

  11. You have a mighty fine daddy (and an excellent mummy for letting you play with her ponytail holders!)

    Congrats on the wedding to them both!