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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hiya Friends - we feel like its been forever - momy and dady got married on the 21st and then that next Sunday morning they left super early and flew away on a plane to Jamaica Mon ... :)

They were gone and gone and gone .... our auntie C fed and took care of us and gave us pets - Grandma came to see us too.

Scotchy is all betters :) Tiny grew a little :)

Momy and Dady came back lates Friday night - we were trying to be mads at them but then the temptations came out and we gave in ... oh and we had to snuggle in bed with them - cant stay mads forever.

Momy promises pictures of the wedding and Jamaica!


  1. Awww, it's nice that you forgave Momy and Dady. If you had held a grudge you would not have got to snuggle in bed.
    We are sure you must be very happy that Momy and Dady are home with you now. So are we.

  2. A B~~I~~G ConGrats to your mom and dad!!! Hoping they had an amazing time in Jamaica! Wishing them a lifetime of health and happiness! Yay for Scotchy and YAY Tiny grew a bit!

  3. We can never stay mad for long either.

    Mommy says she's excited about wedding and honeymoon pictures! We want to see too!

  4. Well, I hope they had fun!

    Your mom missed some furry furry furry khute passengers this past weekend!


  5. Congratulations to your parents; glad they had a fun honeymoon, we look forward to their photos!...Great news Scotchy is better and Tiny has grown...Happy day, sweet friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. It is always wonderful when the parents come home. We are excited to see the pictures!

  7. Congrats to your Beans. We are looking forward to seeing the photos.

  8. Aww, well they only get one marry and one honeymoon, so good thing you didn't stay mad long...