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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another Scooter update

He is being very friendly - not sure if its because hes in a secluted room or he dosnt feel good or what but hes asking for pets and purring BIG! He will not eat dry food but is eating about 2 teaspoons at a time of wet foods. He really likes the gravey on the wet so Im going to run over to the store today to get him a different kind because all I currently have is the slices.

Giving him his pill has been extremely easy .... no sitting on him or needing extra hands he just sits there and I open his mouth and stick it in ... he did spit this mornings out once but that was all.

Still no poop .... then again hes not eating that much and his tummy would have been completly empty so ... he is drinking and P'ing so ... I take that as a good sign. Vets office did give him fluids yesterday and a shot of his antibotic.

He is very alert and moves around and this morning when I left the house he was looking out the window at the birds. Hopefully in the next few days he will be all better and can venture out from his "prison"


  1. Hurrah! Paws crossed for Scooter getting better!
    Maybe he'll be more affectionate after this, Felix was after he had surgery and was laid up for two weeks.
    We're still purring for him.

  2. At least he is eating. that is a good sign

  3. This is a very positive update! Continued purrs to Scooter!

  4. All right Scooter dude! Keep eating and drinking, and if you have to pass anything, get it done! We will be purring for you to feel better quickly!!!

  5. Great Job, Scooter !
    Please keep up a good work, Do not disappoint me Because I really really like you : )

    Purrs Still keep going

  6. We are glad Scooter is improving and we send him more purrs.

  7. That sounds pretty good, keep improving Scooter, we're sending purrs!