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Monday, January 3, 2011

Scooter update #1

First off ... I have no idea where that crazy cat got a dryer sheet ... I havent used dryer sheets in a long time as they make me itch so ... he would have had to have been checking things out behined the washer and dryer to locate one ...

Just talked to the Vet.... x-ray shows no foreign matter but shes not so sure a dryer sheet would show up anyway ... she asked for the time line and wanted a stool sample - I told her to talk to him about that. So shes going to do bloodwork and go from there. Hopefully another update soon .... :)


  1. Khats!!!

    paws khrossed from here!


  2. Paws crossed here too! Makes me think I'd better make sure my dryer sheets are hidden...I don't use them anymore, but still have a box in the basement somewhere!

  3. Oh, the things pets find to eat. We hope all will be well with Scooter.

  4. Scooter, you need to poop. Soon! Otherwise you might be spending the night at the vet's...aaauuuugh!

  5. Don't worry, they find things that you thought had been removed from the house long ago!