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Monday, January 3, 2011

Scooter update #2

Just got of the phone with the Vet ... Scooter is coming home. They dont think he is blocked and his blood work came back fine. They think he just has a kitty virus or something and are going to treat the symptoms at this point. The tummy meds they are giving should help with a poop ... we will hope .. and should make him feel better.

We thanks you much for the purrs and the thoughts and hopefully he will get home in is room and start feeling better in a day or two. Ive never been so excited for a cat to poop :)


  1. Hahaha! I know *just* how you feel! There has been some kitty krud going around, maybe Scooter has picked it up...here's to eveything "moving along" in his world!

    XX Trish

  2. Yippee ! Butterbean is good now : )

    PS : My mom never so excited for poop but she used to get SURPRISE ! SURPRISE ! poop in her bath tube : )

  3. That is good news that Scooter is coming home with no apparent blockage. We are sending purrs and hope the meds get him feeling better again.

  4. heres hoping for a smooth recovery for poor Scooter

  5. I read the new and updates at the same time. We're all sending purrs for sweet Scooter too!