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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

And then ....

Boo .. here to continue with what seems like never ending events ... Im the good cat the one that hasnt cost a millizion dollars to fix up or keep alive. .... and the one thats allergic to pesky fleas.

Momy got me home after the vet visit ... she was told to put antiotic cream on my scabbies to make them heal and get all betters ...

This is what shes been putting on me. It makes the skin feel good and I dont lick if the skin is moist and not dry so :)

Then momy went digging through the kitty medicine drawer and hit the jack pot ... a whole box of flea goo .. she thought she was going to have to order it and it was going to be 3 weeks before it got here but thankfully for everyone she already had some. :)

We use advantage - purple for fat kitties

Momy had 8 of them ... so everyone but Bean got some.
Bean was chosen to be left out this go becuse he is the easiest to give it to and he never goes outside - whereas the others will hide when the goo comes out.


  1. That is good that Mom found the goo! Hopefully it will help every one!

  2. Our felines just got some too! You'll be feeling great soon.

  3. I'm so happy your mom found the goo : )
    But mom never try the cream, she worry abour my licking habit ! But to hear, you didn't lick it. That was cool !