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Monday, March 7, 2011

Oh the Horror ....

Boo here again ... where was I ... Oh yes thats right I was ITCHY ... scratchy .... MISERABLE

Momy too me to see the vet. I dont like to go in the box and I dont like the car rides .. I cried and begged and pleeded for her to let me out. She just kept talking to me and I kept "singing"

We got there ... and saw a vet we had never seen before. Dr Metrey was really nice. She said I was very handsome. I weighed in at 18.5 pounds and she said I was healthy and not overweight because Im very long :) yay! I liked her already. She looked at my furs and my scabs and my sores and she gave me a SHOT! It was horrible!!! for all of about 10 seconds and immediately I began to feel better. It was an allergy shot that makes the itchies feel better and made me calm some. It was wonderfuL!

Then she did this ....

Thats right she shaved a landing strip down part of my back ... at least I cant see it but Momy giggled at me. Once she got the area that was affected cleared she rubbed some goo on it and if I thought it felt better before aahhh it felt even better after that. The site was not infected so no antibotics for me ..yay! and momy was told to put cream on the sores and I would be better than ever soon.


  1. Oh! That's quite the landing strip! :-D

    But we're glad you're feeling better and send purrs that you're 100% again soon!

    -Nicki and Derry @ Fuzzy Tales

  2. Oh my ... I'm glad it was a simple cure. Your furs will grow back.

  3. If it made you feel better then it was worth the shaving. I hope the cream does the trick and you are soon back tip top.. Hugs GJ xx

  4. Just so no more fleas use that landing strip! We are glad you feel better and your beautiful furs will grow back, soon!