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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another New Bed

Here you will find Lucky sitting in the other new bed that we got. Mom has been working hard to take pictures of us laying on the big bed and is in process of getting them downloaded but this week is crazy with all the other stuffs shes into. You see Momy is getting a new bed too :) Hopefully its coming today the one she has makes her back hurt and her shoulders and neck and hips and welll everything ... SO we all gots new beds. She got new to her sofas too ... Auntie C gave us her sofa and love seat that are pratically new and Momy threw out the old ones we had scratched up :) Momy has had the ones she thew out for longer than shes had Bean ... WOAH ... .thats like a long time. Shes had Bean 6 years ... Pictures of all that coming soon .... hope you all are well - Purrs to ya


  1. Your new bed looks Purrfect !!!

  2. Lovery new bed. And now you will need to let everyone know that the new furniture is yours, too... claws to the ready in 3... 2...1... ;-D

  3. A new bed that doesn't make your mom hurt? That sounds great.