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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The things that go on around here

Lots and lots to talk about ....

Top news is that my oldest kitty Beauty went over the birdge this morning. Her kidneys had shut down and she had started having possibly some mini strokes. I took her to the vet this AM and helped he finish her journey. She was born in my parents garage in Fall of 1987 - I was 6 years old. For the last 24 years she has been the best kitty ever. She has been helathy and full of spit up until the last few days. We knew her health was starting to fail but she was eating and drinking and going out for her morning sunshine. Sunday she began having trouble walking but was still eating and drinking. Yesterday (Tuesday) evening she could not lift her head and could not stand and would not eat or drink. She was a great cat ... :-)

Bean had to go to the vet yesterday - he has been licking and licking and licking and .. well you get the point .. licked all his furs off one arm and down his side and has licked sores on the skin. He also has a mild uniary tract or bladder infection. Since he has had a PU he is more prone to thoes types of infections. He was perscribed clavamox and an antihistamie .. the clavamox made him sick yesterday so this morning I got him a different med and he starts it tonight. This med should help with the itching and licking as well.

Some wonderful asshole decided to drop off kittens down near the river near where I live. On Saturday night we saw 2 and spent hours trying to catch them with no luck. Sunday I spent several hours and never saw a kitty one .. then Monday night Shon says hes seen kittens so to the river we go  and he caught one .. grey and white male about 10 weeks old. Hes a cutie .. I have him in an extra large dog crate with his bed, litter box and food. He is eating well and likes to be petted and sit in my lap. I got some worm medicine from the vet this morning and will give it to him tonight. Last night we went back to see about the other kitten and quickly realized there are 3 more kittens. 2 are grey and the other one ran, all we saw of it was the glow of eyes ... so Im going to get traps this evening and see if that will get me another.

I have some pictures that need to be posted ... Ill get them up soon.

Hope you are all having a lovely day - remember to hug your furry baby and enjoy them - as they truly are precious. 


  1. I am so sorry to hear about Beauty! She had been with you a long time and you will miss her greatly.I know you gave her the best love and care that any furbaby could get. We just lost Mac, so know how hard the decision was.

    Sending you purrs and prayers and gentle head bumps.

    Good luck with the kittens. No baby should be dumped like that!

  2. We are sorry to read of Beauty's passing. It sounds like she was a great cat, and lived a good, full life. Bless you for helping her cross peacefully and not having her suffer.

    We are very glad you are back!!!

    Good luck catching the kitties. We hate when people abandon us!

  3. I am so sorry to hear about Beauty. I know you will miss her greatly. I still miss my Mr. Sunshine who was 21 years three months when he passed 10 years ago. I know you will always have memories that are special.

    I hope you catch the kitties. Why are humans so cruel!

    Sending you hugs and purrs
    from all of us.

  4. Oh, I'm deeply sorry for your oldest kitty Beauty. I'm glad she had a wonderful time with you. I am do send soft purrs and prayer.

    and Thanks for the wonderful thing you do with the kitties ! Some human is just so evil ! I hope you catch them all.

    and more thanks to visit me and leave a very nice comments.

    Hugs and Purrs

  5. We're only catching up now and are so very sorry to read about Beauty. It seems like she had a long and happy life, though, so that was a wonderful thing all round.

    Purrs for Bean--yep, we can understand why he isn't impressed with having to take meds. LOL. We hope he recovers quickly.

    And concats on catching three of the 4 kittens! Good luck with the fourth. Paws crossed.

  6. WE are also catching up and so very sorry to hear about Beauty. 24 years that is amazing and what wonderful memories you must have. We send you soft headbonks for the sadness you must have on your loss.

  7. We just found your blog. We know (actually, our Dad knows) how much it hurts when a kittie leaves for The Bridge. Especially when it is one you've lived with for years and years.

    ppuurrrrrrrrrss and gentle headbutttss to you all.