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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Still Around

Hello Fur-Friends

Its been a while ... we are still around and doing ok. Today is the 1 year anniversary since our beloved little Meep went missing. We still look out the window for her but she hasnt come home. We hope shes someplace happy chasing butterflies.

SO lets have an update ...

Butterbean is still fat :)

Boo Boo loves being shaved and has become a cuddle monster

Lucky is doing great!

Watermelon is not liking the cooler weather ...

Scooter is doing better about hiding and has been out more

Mama like the cool weather but likes her bed better

Scotch is just silly

Moose does not like being cold and his favorite place is under the covers

Tiny has learned to play cover monster ... :)

Momy is doing good. She has been working hard on the farm and getting things cleaned up and winterized as much as possible. This week has been crazy cold and windy but rest of the week and weekend look good for doing some work. Cant forget shes working on the Virginia Tech football games and she has her job that buys our foods.

We are going to try to get back into blogging more ... we have slacked long enough ... Time to get back to some happy fun things. Please know that while we havent been blogging we have been reading blogs and keeping up with you all.

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday ... Oh dont tell her I told you but .. tomorrow is Momys 30th birthday


  1. We're glad everyone is okay!

    Happy birthday to your mom tomorrow! We hope she has a wonderful day. Tell her our mom is so old now she doesn't even remember turning 30. LOL.

  2. We hope to see more of you. We are purring that Meep is someplace happy!

  3. Lovely to hear from you !!!! and it's good to know everyone is doing good ! I would love to see you more : )
    Have a great day

  4. It was so good to hear from you and we hope you can get in some more blogging time!

  5. So happy to hear from you and that you all are doing good. Happy Birthday to your mom!!

  6. A very happy belated birthday to your mom and very nice to meet you!