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Thursday, October 27, 2011

More ...

Last evening after work I went to the local tractor supply store where much to my surprise they had humane traps on SALE! Got 4 for the price of 2 and was quite happy about that. Set 2 traps around 7pm called for the kitties and left for a bit ... went back just before 8 and had 1 kitty :) She looks just like the one we had already caught. Checked the other trap just ebfore 9 .. nothing .. . went back just before 10 to get the trap, didnt want to leave it out all night in case one was caught ... went to get it and had another. 3rd kitty was the one with the blind eye. He is a cutie pie .. they all are. We are thinking there is one more kitty ... but are not sure about that ... however we going to set the traps again tonight and check them every 45 minutes or so and see what we get.

Bean took his new meds last night and has not seemed to have a problem with them. But hes mad at me for giving him meds and wont sleep in the bed ...


  1. I am so relieved that you have three and hope you will get the fourth if there is one. Thank goodness for people like you. I am glad that three are safe.

  2. Glad to hear Bean took his meds and you've been so successful with nabbing those kittens. Hope you can get the last one.

  3. That's so good to hear the med works well for your bean, More purrs for him !

    and I'm really appreciate what you done for the kittens, Especially the blind one..Thank You

  4. Yeah! Glad you got two. HOpe you can get the third one!